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Suzy is “traveling with a redheaded temperament” and all I can say is that all appears good from my side of the computer screen. Her website,, is as visually stunning as its creator and her photographs and travel stories would make anyone want to travel with her. If you haven’t already, head over after she answers her Lucky 13 and take a long, slow stroll through one of the better travel websites out there.

Suzy spent a year in college living in Italy, where she studied in some of Italy’s most idyllic locales — Florence, Sorrento and Sicily — while becoming fluent in Italian. She writes for a variety of online travel magazines and the links are provided on her website. In the meantime, you need to follow her on Twitter and enjoy her answers to her very own Lucky 13:

1. What common food item do you most despise?

Cilantro. Why is it necessary?

rick steves drinking a beer and eating a pretzel

awww, who couldn't like this guy?!

2. If you could travel with one person for one week, then never see or hear from them again in your lifetime, who would you choose?

Rick Steves. I wouldn’t mind not seeing him ever again. He annoys me like no other, but may be I am wrong and would love traveling with him.

3. Person whose tweets make you smile the most?

Craig Ferguson. Random and stupid tweets, the perfect combination for laughter.

hand made to look like a puppet with long hair

I get the feeling this was the puppet master's 'date' that night

4. Worst pick-up line you have ever heard?

Anything an Italian man has ever said to me. However, one guy in California proceeded to tell me women were all puppet masters, trying to control men as he actually acted out a puppet being controlled. And then he asked for my number. Great pick-up line, puppet.

5. Decade in time that you wish you were living in? And “now” is not an acceptable answer 😉

Ancient Rome. I am fascinated by that time period in terms of architecture, art, innovation and how Rome let it all go. Although I don’t think I would last long having to be so submissive as a female and the no-showering lifestyle.

6. What is a game that can entertain you for hours on end?

Egyptian War. It’s a simple card game that involves slapping the cards, and sometimes opponent’s hand. It got me through hours of swim team practice as a kid.

7. Most vivid childhood memory (under 10 years old).

Tough question, but I think going to Europe for the first time when I was 8 years old. It was such an exciting experience to fly overseas and see all of these grand cities with a child’s eyes.

Suzy Guese and C'est Christine at Tomatina

Suzy on the left and C'est Christine on the right

8. Fill in the blank: in 2010, the most unexpected thing that happened to me was ___________.

I found myself in the middle of Spain, throwing tomatoes and covered in them for La Tomatina. It’s definitely not something I ever thought I would do.

9. If you had to live in one city for the rest of your life, you would choose where?

Rome, Italy. No other city affects me the way Rome does.

10. Most annoying trait of fellow travel bloggers?

I would say RTing and commenting on “popular” travel blogs just because everyone seems to when you don’t really enjoy what they have to say. Tweeting only your own articles gets annoying too. Sharing is caring.

11. You are stranded on a desert island, with supplies and your ever-charged iPod. You can only have five bands/performers on it. Who are your five?

Tom Petty, Travis, The Beatles, Joe Guese and Linda Ronstadt.

(Interviewer interjection: I followed up with Suzy and Joe Guese is indeed her brother. Pretty darn popular performer that I had never heard of and was in a band called The Click Five and is currently working on other projects, according to Suzy’s follow-up email.)

12. What question would most likely make you laugh or cry when Barbara Walters interviews you on national TV?

Q-Are you a natural redhead? I would both laugh and cry at her stupidity. You can’t get this color out of a bottle, Barbara.

13. You are able to ask one yes/no question to anyone in history and get a 100% honest reply — what is your question and to whom?

William Shakespeare. Q–Did you really exist and did you pen all of those tales? Probably one of the greatest writers of all time and it is still debated if there was actually a William Shakespeare. If there was a William Shakespeare, there is still contention over if he stole stories from other writers.

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