Yearly Archives: 2010

Craziest Person I Have Ever Met 25

He asked us where we were from. We told him and asked in return. “I live in a tree in Africa.” We chuckled. Not that funny, but I’ve heard worse. We assumed he was joking, so we asked him to tell us about his tree. He did. Without cracking a smile. We asked what he was doing here, if he lived in a tree in Africa. He said it wasn’t difficult to get to. And we realized that we needed to try to find a way to end this conversation as quickly as possible.

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Getting my Travel Groove Back 4

During my last trip, movement was the constant. Because I had to make it all the way around without flying, I was moving fairly constantly. Three or four days in a place was my usual maximum, then it was time to hop another bus or boat or whatever. Now, I’m down in Colombia writing and not really moving at all.

Glimpses of Memory 10

I was watching some kid kick a soccer ball on a cobblestone street and thought to myself that I had the exact same moment. Some kids were playing soccer in an alleyway. I took out my camera and started taking pictures. One of the kids, the extrovert, then got the soccer ball and started posing for me. Kicking the ball up the air and throwing his hands up.

Favorite Concerts 11

I was having a conversation recently about the best concerts we had seen. And I recalled this was an occasional subject of conversation while traveling — along with “what was your first concert?” And that can lead to some interesting and amusing answers. Though I might edit this list if […]

25 Things about Me 8

Until my recent sailboat trip (promise the blog is coming), the last time I threw up was 23 years ago. Freshman year in college. Tequila. Still can’t drink it to this day — actually can’t even smell it — the smell makes me wretch. Oddly, can’t drink Scotch either, because to my nose, it smells too much like tequila.