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Best Travel Books (Part One) 34

For me, part and parcel with trying to become a better writer is reading. A lot. While I’d like to think that my writing it fairly good and hopefully deserving at some point of being published somewhere, I am under no misconceptions that I can hold a candle, or fountain […]

Top 10 Lists Suck. A Lot. 101

Take the pledge with me, please. “I hate top 10 lists.  I will never do a top 10 list.  I will never re-tweet, share on Facebook or otherwise positively review a top 10 list ever again.  I will cast the appropriate amount of scorn and derision upon them, because I […]

top 10 women from wayne's world

Lindemans Peche Lambic

Interview with Kirsten Alana of Kirsten Alana Travels: Lucky 13 Questions 37

I better move on to Kirsten’s work, which is somehow even more beautiful than her. While she makes a living as a wedding photographer, her photography talents are far from limited to that area. Go check out her various photo essays on Kirsten Alana’s Travels and you are sure to be impressed. And her writing doesn’t lag far behind her amazing skills with a camera.

Interview with Amar Hussain of Lucky 13 Questions 19

Amar and GapYearEscape came a bit late to my attention. It was only within the last couple months that I started following him in Twitter and reading his stuff, and I have really enjoyed catching up. His website, Gap Year Escape, is a very comprehensive resource for those of us that want to backpack all around the world — well worth browsing around for hours.

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