A Little Slice of Relaxation Heaven in Jordan 22

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As part of my trip set up by the Jordan Tourism Board, I had the opportunity to stay at a number of truly wonderful properties, but the Evason Ma’In Hot Springs was right at the top of my list of favorites. Given how many truly great places they set me up with, that is a tough list to top out.

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan entrance six senses spa

perfect weather

This Six Senses property is just a few miles from the Dead Sea and lies 264 meters (866 feet) below sea level. It is set in a natural oasis that aesthetically and effectively uses two free water thermal waterfalls adjacent to the property.

The entire property is the epitome of elegance.

Perfectly themed, colored and decorated to blend into the  surrounding environment — I only wished I had more than one night to enjoy resting in the lap of luxury.

This isn’t normally the way I travel, and although I met some solo travelers in Jordan here, I’m not sure it’s the most common stop for most solo travelers.. This entire trip through Jordan was a travel revelation, and this stay at Evason Ma’In Hot Springs was one of many reasons.

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs Dead Sea Jordan pool

the water falling into the pool at the spa is direct from the hot springs

The food at the multiple restaurants on site (I was able to try two of them), were also excellent. Offering regional and international cuisine, the diverse selection of dining options includes a restaurant situated on a cliff top at the edge of the Dead Sea where guests can catch a glimpse of the lights of Jerusalem and beautiful sunsets reflecting across the water, which I unfortunately wasn’t able to enjoy, but which looks amazing.

Six Senses Spa Evason Ma'in Hot Springs

view from the main hotel down to the spa, giving a sense of the valley

And let’s get to the point… the spa.

I personally don’t consider massages any sort of luxury item. In my book, they are things that all of us should be doing more often, since I firmly believe they are excellent ways to reduce stress and get your body in a better state to recover. When I was living and lawyering back in Arkansas, I had at least once a month, but like the one I had at Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, the one I had here at Evason Ma’In Hot Springs rose to a much higher level of excellence.

room at evason ma'in hot springs jordan

my room — I could have lived here for weeks

Like I said, I could get use to traveling this way.

DInner overlooking Dead Sea Evason Ma'in Hot Springs

DInner overlooking Dead Sea (Credit: Evason Ma’in Hot Springs)

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan entrance six senses spa

the front entrance — a glimpse of what is to come

bar area Evason Ma'in Hot Springs

the outdoor bar area of the bar… wine anyone?

My stay at Evason Ma’In Hot Springs was part of a sponsored trip by the Jordan Tourism Board, but I didn’t offer to represent anything in other than my true opinion. Though given how great everything was, there was certainly no need for them to worry about my reviews. Heavenly.

I was headed back to Amman after this stay. This was a luxury hotel stay. It was time for me to check out the Royal Automobile Museum to check out some luxury cars.

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  • Lisa Bergren @TheWorldCalls

    Uh huh! I can see why you might become a convert…looks wonderful!

  • vitra

    looking at your pics – this seems a great place to have company–whether friends, family, etc. Were you able to meet people at the bar and then hang out with them for part of your trip, or did you mostly stay by yourself?

  • Jameson

    What a spectacular place. I’ve been reading your blogs lately and am inspired. I’m working on a travel blog myself and really like what you do with yours. Keep the good posts coming!!

  • megan

    It’s soo easy to get used to living luxe – my sister came to visit me when I was in Hong Kong and she paid for us to stay in a fancy five star hotel. It was awesome, I nearly cried when I had to go back to hostels after 7 nights there!

  • DTravelsRound

    Oh my goodness. This place sounds decadent!! I had a similar experience when I was in Rwanda. We were staying at a gorgeous five-star resort in Nungywe (sp?), but were only there for 12 hours — enough time to eat a late lunch, dinner and breakfast — and to take some time to swim in the infinity pool overlooking the jungle. I would have loved to go and explore the property, relax with a spa treatment … Alas. It’s these places that make you want to book a return ticket stat and enjoy more of what there is to offer!

  • Cailin

    you said Spa, that is right up my alley! 🙂 That place definitely looks gorgeous! I have been dying to go to Jordan forever!

  • Andrea

    Looks like my kind of place…people in the Middle East really *get* how to do real luxury…can’t wait to get out there.

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