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I have to admit that although I really love Beth and Randy of Beers and Beans, I have to admit that I wasn’t doing summersaults of happiness and joy when they asked me last week to do a review of their new eBook, Getting Out of Auto.

Not to be more selfish than I already normally am, but I have had really marginal internet access for the last couple weeks and haven’t been able to get much work done; I am trying to get scads of last minute things done for the Ultimate Train Challenge; I still don’t have my passport back for the visas needed for the train trip and I am slightly freaking out; and I have about 5-6 other website projects I really need to spend a lot of time working on.

But out of complete love and admiration for their work, I reluctantly agreed to do a review of Beth’s new eBook on photography, on a short turn-around schedule.

Then I started reading the damn book and couldn’t stop.

Getting out of Auto photography tip ebook logo

What was supposed to be just a cursory scan of a couple pages and then a quickie post (yea, suppose I can be a bit too honest sometimes) showing one of my photos using one of her techniques, turned into a couple hour’s worth of reading. Then re-reading.

The frackin’ thing is that good.

So, I was going to highlight just one technique, but after spending so much time with it, you are going to get the bonus version. So here are a few of my shots that help highlight some of the techniques she goes into, though I must admit that my photos really don’t do justice to how good the examples and tips are in the book.

Beth is one of the best photographers I know, especially in somehow catching the exact mood of a scene, which is one of the things I need a vast amount of improvement on. I have a lot to work on after reading this book and will hopefully be getting some personal lessons from her and some other great photographers I admire in SE Asia in just a few months.

Shooting Into the Sun

This is a technique that I just randomly stumbled into on my RTW trip. A good friend of mine from Ireland that I traveled with on two different occasions took these amazing shots sometimes directly into the sun, which is supposed to be a photo no-no. She didn’t know her settings on her camera, so she didn’t know how she was doing it, but I toyed around until I sorted it out myself.

brandenburg gate berlin backlit

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in Silhouette


As Beth points out in Get Out of Auto: “Silhouetting can be a fantastic way to add instant drama to your photo. It’s also a fairly easy technique to learn. Simply speaking, if you put light behind your subject (called backlighting) and expose for that light instead of the subject, the subject will fall into darkness.”

Black and White verses Color

Beth talks about color verses black and white in a couple sections, most tellingly when she says: “I don’t think there is an easier way to pay attention to light & shadow than to shoot in Black & White. In Black & White, light & shadow become the stars of your photo. This is why I advocate switching to Black & White in camera if you are learning how to shoot, learning how to study light or simply trying to take get over a hurdle. I also recommend it if you are bored or feel in a rut with your photography.”

Plivetce National Park waterfalls croatia

Plivetce National Park in Croatia in Color

Plivetce National Park in croatia in B&W

same shot in B&W


You choose which one of those two shots you enjoy more and will remember. Although B&W is most frequently used for portraits of people (where it really is a fabulous tool), it isn’t limited in use to just that situation. As Beth points out, the play of shadow and light sometimes works best in B&W, instead of color, even for landscape or other types of shots.

Tips for Shooting a HDR photo

HDR stands for high dynamic range and it is a bit of a controversial method for processing and editing your photos. I have only recently starting using it on some of my photos and am just in the beginning stages of sorting out the do’s, don’ts, and times to use it and not use it.

As Beth says, “HDR can be used to make a range of different looking photos – from a slightly enhanced natural looking photo to a completely surreal image that is more fitting for a Dr. Seuss landscape. Although not everyone enjoys the look of HDR photographs there is no denying that it is a unique and intriguing photography process.”

Venice Canal in HDR

one of the Venice Canals in HDR


And you can click on this link to see one of my other photos from Cartagena that “is more fitting for a Dr. Seuss landscape.” It is an interesting tool to be sure.

The bottom line on Getting Out of Auto is that it would be the best $9.99 you are going to spend this year, if you want to improve your photography. An equivalent book in the bookstore would cost you more than twice that and with this purchase, I bet you also make a great photography friend in Beth herself, who is wonderful about replying to emails, posting ideas on her website and more.


Click on the banner ad above or this one below to go order this great book. It is a bargain at $9.99, if you want to take your photos to the next level.

Just don’t go buy it and then come back here and tell me that she’s a hell of a lot better photographer than I am… I already know that!

getting out of auto ebook review

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21 thoughts on “The Best Photography Book You Can Buy for Under $10

  • Mica

    I absolutely love Bethany’s photos and when I discovered today that I had money in my paypal account I knew I was buying this book. Pretty sweet HDR shots!! Did you get that software we talked about in the forum or are you using photoshop?

    • bethany

      Hi Mica! That’s great that you want to buy the book – it’s really got a ton of info in it – including a lot of tips for HDR. I second what Michael say – Photomatix Pro is a really great program for starting your HDR’s in. 🙂

  • Michael Hodson Post author

    First, you should buy it. Great book. Second, if you do buy it, feel free to click through on any of the links above – I am an affiliate seller of it (since I believe in it so much), so it’ll put a little beer money in my pocket also. Lastly… Photomatix Pro — love it!

  • bethany

    Awesome review Michael! So glad you really liked the book – even though you were so busy and had a million other things to do!

  • Brooke vs. the World

    Great review, Michael 🙂 I also found the book amazing. It’s great for a refresher, but also for getting those creative juices flowing. It made me WANT to take photos again, which is a want I’d basically lost for quite some time 🙂

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      The inspiration from just seeing the great photos got me wanting to get my camera out there more, for sure.

  • Lisa @chickybus

    Great job on this–looks like it’s really useful. I’ll be sure to recommend it to people I know who want to learn how to ‘get out of auto’! (Cool name, btw…)

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Well, I can’t be anything but totally honest on this blog — or my readers wouldn’t have anything good to laugh at… meaning me. 😉

  • Debbie Beardsley

    I love the title of this book and think I may need to buy it so I can actually use the “idiot proof” camera I own and hopefully take some stunning pictures! Thanks for this review.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Do it! You’ll love it and just looking at her photos will inspire you to improve.

  • Andrea

    I love Beth’s photos too – I plan to buy this book when I get a new SLR camera next year (nudging John) – so much to learn from her.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Just make sure you shoot everything in RAW when you get the new camera, so you can go back and toy with edits as technology improves.

  • Sophie

    I already know Beth’s fab work, but thanks for telling about the book. I’m convinced; getting it now.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      You will not regret it. I just wish I had the time to sit and learn and try all her great tips.

  • Cole @ FourJandals

    Very keen to buy this book. Will look in to it, and make sure I do it through your site! Cheers

  • Brandy Huffman

    That’s great that you want to buy the book – it’s really got a ton of info in it – including a lot of tips for HDR. So glad you really liked the book – even though you were so busy and had a million other things to do!

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