Royal Automobile Museum: An Homage to King Hussein in Jordan 19

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king hussein queen noor motorcycle riding at wadi rum

King Hussein and Queen Noor

King Hussein Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan The Royal Automobile Museum in Amman, Jordan is the kind of place that you are unlikely to have on your list of places to visit, but ends up as one of the most treasured memories once you luck your way across it (including me finding some great wine in Jordan, no less).

At one point during my sponsored trip to Jordan by the great people at the Jordan Tourism Board I had an afternoon free in Amman after getting back from a day trip. My guide and driver suggested I check out the Royal Automotive Museum in the hours I had before dinner. I think they really just half-wanted to get rid of me for a bit, which is understandable after hanging out with me almost constantly for a week.

Heck, I get sick of myself after that much time with me also.

The reason for the existence of the Royal Automotive Museum in the first place is simple. King Hussein, who was king of Jordan from 1956 until his death in 1999, was a complete and total car lover. Cars and motorcycles were his passion. I think it would be safe to call him a car nut.

motorcycles at Royal Automobile Museum in Amman Jordan

part of the motorcycle collection at the Royal Automobile Museum


His son, Abdullah II, the current King of Jordan, built the museum in his father’s honor. The collection consists of dozens upon dozens of autos and motorcycles from Jordanian history. The various official cars that the kings of Jordan have driven around and been driven around in, are on display going back to the turn of the 20th century.

It is a very impressive collection and the detailed history of each car added to my fascination. The car that King Hussein rode around in upon his return from his first successful cancer treatment session in the U.S. was on display, along with some photos of the throngs of crowds that greeted him as he drove through the streets of Amman.

The combination of history and cool cars had me enthralled from the moment I walked in until I left.

silver wing door mercedes at Royal Automobile Museum in Amman Jordan

A winged door Mercedes


At the hotel I was staying over on the Dead Sea there were riders in town for the annual Jordan Rally, which is one of the biggest off-road automobile races in the world.

Yes, yet another thing I would have never known about Jordan if I hadn’t run smack dab into it while I was there.

King Hussein actually raced in the rally a number of times and won it on at least one occasion. There is a great picture of him in the car he won the race in at the museum, right next to the car, but my photo of it didn’t turn out well enough to include here.

I think I really would have enjoyed meeting him.

WWI armored car at Royal Automobile Museum in Amman Jordan

WWI-era armored car, with King Hussein on the monitor

open top white car at Royal Automobile Museum in Amman Jordan

open top classic roadster

racing Ferrari and the Royal Automotive Museum in Amman Jordan

Fast…. very fast. (Ferrari)

WWII motorcycle at Royal Automotive Museum in Amman Jordan

WWII-era motorcycle

motorcycle at Royal Automotive Museum in Amman Jordan

one of King Hussein’s favorite motorcycles

Royal Automotive Museum in Amman Jordan

just a cool old car

King Hussein Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan King Hussein Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan

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19 thoughts on “Royal Automobile Museum: An Homage to King Hussein in Jordan

  • William

    I’m not really a car or motorcycle type person, but this is really cool. I’m hoping to go to Jordan in a couple years, so I’ll add this place to my itinerary. Thanks!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I was quite surprised to run across it. It was a nice little break from the more typical Middle Eastern sights.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      It was amazing to walk around and think… how much money really is in this room?

  • Debbie Beardsley

    Fascinating! I am not a car buff but I do really enjoy vintage cars so I would love this museum. The pictures you included are great too.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I am partly car buff, but this museum was far more than I expected. The collection is massive and I really loved the cars that were 100 years old.

  • Mack Reynolds

    these cars/bikes are amazing. what an awesome experience. and what a king!!! i mean, i don’t know much about kings, but this guy sounds like a totally cool official badass. i’ve never seen a picture of a king riding a motorcycle before today.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I totally would have loved hanging out with him, I think, aside from the no-drinking thing 😉

  • Merav | AllWays NZ Rental Cars

    King Hussein was a very special man, seldom found in the heart of the Middle East. I knew about his love for cars but never knew there is a Museum.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      He seems to be one of the most lovely kings in the region, for sure. The people in Jordan absolutely revere him.

  • Andrea

    What an awesome collection! We’re probably going to visit Jordan later this year so will have to check this out. I love cool cars! (And who else has the money to buy so many rare and expensive ones?)

  • Donna Hull

    My husband, Alan, would absolutely love visiting the Royal Automobile Museum in Jordan. The photo of the King’s Ferrari looks nothing like the one that Alan drove in Maranello.

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