Damascus Souk (Al-Hamidiyah Souq) in Photographs, The Rest 7

A week ago, I did my post of the photographs I took from the Damascus souk — at least the spice and food ones. Here are some more shots from this really wonderful spot.

back alley in Damascus souk

one of the smaller alleyways in the Damascus souk

fabric store in Damascus souk

raw fabrics for sale

bike in hallway in alley at damascus souk

bike in hallway

women's clothes store with male salespeople in damascus souk

one of the interesting sights is... no women salespeople

knife sharpener in damascus souk

knife sharpener in the souk

cartoon next to Assad poster syria

just liked the juxtoposition

main street damascus souk market syria

main street of the Damascus souk

main alley damascus souk syria

another shot of the main street

Toy store with stuffed animals in Damascus souk syria

you can buy anything here... including any stuffed animal you want

rug shop in damascus souk

anyone want a rug??

sleeping guy in chair in damascus souk

after a long day's work.... ya got to get some rest


The Damascus souk, perhaps the largest of its kind in the world. Well worth a visit, when things finally start settling down in this great country. Although I am a huge fan of Palmyra, in the western part of this country, you obviously need to start your Syrian visit in Damascus.

Now if we can just get a change of government and some stability over there. It is painful for me to read the many stories about the horrors going on there, given how many wonderful Syrians I have met in my short time there.

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