Monaco/Monte Carlo Train Station in Photos 13

monaco train station, monte carlo train station

I am going to be doing up a bit of a longer Monaco/Monte Carlo post in the next week or two, but in the meantime, I thought I would post up a few of my photos from there. I was lucky to get there at one point in the afternoon where there were few people around, so I had time to set up my tripod and take some long-exposure shots, which I turned into these HDR photos.

I hope you like them.

monte carlo train station in france


train station monte carlo france


train station monaco france

When I decided on my original early route for the Train Challenge, I didn’t think I was going to come this way, but I am glad I did. After the not-so-great start for me on this challenge, France and Monaco were a pleasantly easy and nice few days. The easiest part of the whole thing was getting there — thanks to, our primary European sponsor.

What I really needed to do was wait around for a few months, hit these spots, then back up for one of the ski holidays in Austria. With the heat at the moment a cool and refreshing ski trip would be the perfect thing to revive me for the rest of my journey.

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13 thoughts on “Monaco/Monte Carlo Train Station in Photos

  • Shell

    The photos of the railway station are excellent!

    Been a long time since I was in the South of France around Juan les Pins and Cannes.

    I was 22 then and now I’m in my early 50’s so I bet there have been many changes.

    Cool photos, thanks for sharing…

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      that whole part of the whole is truly beautiful. If and when I ever get a better budget… I will be back.

  • Baron's

    Great photos, superb shots…one of my favorite spots in the world is La promenade des Englais …beween Nice and Monte Carlo…I do not seem to be able to erase it from my mind.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Andrew

    The train station was one of my favorite parts of Monaco, although the aquarium does beat it. I remember it being dark and gray, not this light. I also remember it being closed and having to change trains for some reason at the border to italy. Ok, memories are a bit sketchy that far back.

    Can you make an HDR picture out of a single shot or does it need to be multiple ones taken at the same time? I would love to play with that kind of thing. (Add to increasingly long list.)

  • Liv

    Daft as it sounds, I have fond memories of Monaco train station as part of a period of exploring and adventuring around the South of France! Nice photos.

  • Bob

    Hey there you pompous ass, funny how you claim that photo was yours on Rail Europe’s site, but what you don’t know is I personally took that photo when I went to Monaco on April 6, 2011, hmmm funny how that is before yours….I’ll even show you the reservations for that date. Just because two people take the same or similar photo doesn’t mean that one stole it from the other you stupid fuck. Come to La Jolla, and I will make your face look like it does after your stupid face plant. Have a nice day “ass hat” btw, nice fucking insult you douchebag.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Who the fuck do you think you are kidding, moron? That shot I took was an HDR composite of 3 different shots, run through two different editing programs with about a dozen adjustments. To think you took the IDENTICAL picture just shows you don’t know shit about photography.

      Don’t worry about it. The people RUNNING the contest emailed me, since I’d worked with them before, to tell me you stole the photo. So you are out of the contest.


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