Bordeaux, France: Wide Angled View during #UTC11 14

bordeaux france church square in hdr
While I was on the Ultimate Train Challenge, I got to make my first stop in Bordeaux, France, home to one of the best wine regions in the world. And as you know… I do like my wine. The city is really beautiful and will be certainly in the crosshairs of my camera many more times in the future.

This is a shot of one of the massive Catholic Churches in town, a little tweeked out with some HDR, but I hope you like it. The blown out part above the church is actually the sun — I was shooting this directly back into the sun, which is a bit of an unusual method, but I like it anyway.

Speaking of the Ultimate Train Challenge… the voting is on to determine the winner of the Scavenger Hunt (click on that link there to go to the voting post). It would be great if you could take a few seconds and review that post and vote for one of us. Thanks for your support of that fun and amazing trek.

I will be writing a LOT more about the UTC in the coming weeks, but want to thank our sponsors yet again, since they were so amazing to work with. Many thanks to: HostelBookers,, Real Russia, and China Odyssey Tours.

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Iā€™m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

14 thoughts on “Bordeaux, France: Wide Angled View during #UTC11

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Awwww, thanks. I am editing a series of photos now of tribesmen and women from northern Vietnam and think I tweeked some of them too much. Still learning the basic ins and outs of HDR and how certain types of shots work and don’t work. Thanks for the comment and appreciating my early efforts.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Hell, it isn’t too much camera skill, just a nice wide angle lens (which I love) and a bit of editing. Anyone can knock it out, but thanks so much for the complement.

  • Jennifer

    Holy moly, that’s a great photograph. I really need to learn how to use all the thingamajigs on my camera. It looks like a painted postcard. Lovely.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Thanks, Jen. This effect really isn’t going to be a setting on your camera. You will need to shoot in RAW format (preferably triple exposed) and then use a program to tweek it out a bit. I can show you, next time we are in the same location.

  • Cassandra

    You’ve left me envious of your photo-editing software–and your travels!

    I just came across your site this morning and was intrigued when I saw that we have a shared history with the Natural State. I’ll be checking back to see more of your Ultimate Train Challenge.

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Glad you found me! And thanks again for the comment and the appreciation. Glad to have a fellow Arkie following along.

  • Alex

    Great picture! I was expecting something more wine related in Bordeaux though šŸ˜‰ But I guess that might be coming soon… Looking forward to read more about the UTC.

  • John in France

    Great photo! Did you enjoy Bordeaux – or is that coming in another post!!?? I love hte centre of that town which has been revitalised, a little like what they have done with Nice. Cheers.

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