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No matter what kind of trip you are planning on embarking on, travel insurance is an essential part of it and should ideally be purchased at the same time as you book your holiday. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a relaxing two week cruise around the Caribbean or having an action packed weekend by a beach, having the right kind of travel insurance is even more essential than sun cream and swimming trunks.

Typically, most insurance providers provide various types of holiday insurance which can then be tailored to suit individual needs. Multi trip or Single trip, are usually the most common.

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For those who consider themselves frequent travel enthusiasts and are fortunate to make several trips per year, multi trip travel insurance is usually the best option, however as with any contract, check the T & C’s of the policy to see how many trips you are allowed to make within the year on this type of policy.

By far the most popular type of travel insurance is ‘single trip’ which is usually used by individuals who require insurance for a holiday and allows you to select the specific period of time you require cover for. This is the more often than not the cheapest option if you only get away once or twice a year.

Once you have decided on the base of your policy, you can then check out any extras that you can add on for an extra premium, if you have opted for cheap travel insurance without extras. Such extras should b added to cover golf clubs or ski equipment should you be going on a sporting holiday.

As mentioned above, it is particularly important that before committing to any policy, you read the T & C’s as well as the small print. That great cheap insurance policy you have found online might not be worth the paper you will print it on of it carries an extortionate excess and doesn’t cover you for what you need.


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  • geoff Clarke

    Interesting! I just bought cancellation insurance for my trip to England for a wedding. The groom-to-be got cold feet and has postponed the wedding and unfortunately the cancellation isurance doesn;t cover it! Oh well – I’ll just have to go and enjoy the Great British rain!

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