Interview with David Lee, a.k.a. @rtwDave, Lucky 13 Questions 8

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dave lee travel blogger of gobackpackingDave was one of my first blogging mentors. I have picked his brain multiple times on so many topics that I think he fears seeing my name pop up his inbox these days.

I finally had a chance to meet him in person in his second home, Medellin, Colombia. Like him, it is a town that I quickly came to love, though I know it no where near as well as he does. In fact, in addition to his other, more general travel blog, he runs the best blog about that city, Medellin Living. It was an absolute blast hanging out with him in there and can’t wait to catch up with him down in Brazil for the World Cup in a couple years.

But you don’t need to wait anywhere near that long to get to know this very cool blogger better, so check out his website (well, one of them), Go Backpacking, follow him on Twitter, and enjoy his wonderful answers to the Lucky 13:

1 – Where do you want to retire to?

Somewhere in South America. I’ve had a blast living in Medellin, however I’m not so sure I’d want to be there in 20 years. I’m currently traveling the rest of South America to see if another city and culture speaks to me as strongly.

2 – I consider you the foremost expert on Colombia these days — other than Medellin, give us the top spot you’d advice people to visit there?

Cartagena, without a doubt. It’s hardly a secret, however the old walled city center is amongst the most romantic places I’ve ever visited. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to photograph, offers quality dining, hot and sweaty salsa clubs, and is generally safer than the other major cities in Colombia.

3 – most embarrassing thing on your iPod?


Old Weird Al Yankovic songs. He was one of the few musicians my family could agree on when I was younger, so we’d often listen to his tapes together in the car.

4 – Someone gave you $10,000 on the conditions that you spend it frivolously and not on travel. How do you spend it?

I’d try and arrange a dinner with Anthony Bourdain and a few close friends at a top New York City restaurant like Le Bernardin. I shudder to think of how picky an eater I’d still be if it weren’t for his books and TV shows.

5 – Give us the single biggest key to dancing salsa properly — and a photo would be welcomed. 😉

dave lee salsa dancing in medellin

twisting, twisting, twisting

Feel the music. At least that’s the advice I’ve received from countless Colombian women since I started dancing in 2009. The idea behind the advice is to get out of your head, out of counting steps, and just have fun.

6 – Celebrity that you would most like to slap or berate in person.

Tiger Woods. If he couldn’t keep it in his pants, he shouldn’t have gotten married. Talk about a fall from grace.

7 – Person on Twitter you most look forward to finally meeting in person.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. When it comes to making money online, he’s one of the top dog’s, yet he seems so approachable and down to Earth.

8 – Most overrated country?

England, and more specifically, London. I don’t get why so many people love that city.

9 – Who plays you in the movie about your life?

Matt Damon, on account of his work in the Bourne series. Truth is, my life as a mild-mannered travel blogger is just a cover…

Bourne Supremacy poster matt damon with gun

don't mess with Dave

10 – Best curse you know in Spanish.

Chimba, which is slang for both “cool” as well as the female genitalia (depending on the context). Say “cara chimba” to be especially vulgar.

11 – What is your perfect dinner party — you and 4 others.

The Davalos twins and Daddy Yankee. I’m sure the conversation would be titillating.

12 – Best Christmas/holiday season movie of all time.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. 20 years later, I still find the physical humor funny.


13 – you are at the Pearly Gates, what question do you most fear from St. Peter?

Could you have done more to help others?

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I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.

8 thoughts on “Interview with David Lee, a.k.a. @rtwDave, Lucky 13 Questions

  • Lauren

    Weird Al! I used to not-so-secretly love his music. ‘One More Minute’ was my favorite – I wrote the lyrics out in my fifth grade diary.

    Well. That’s embarrassing.

    After reading this, I’m definitely adding Cartagena to my South American itinerary. Can’t wait!

    • Dave

      Like A Surgeon was one of my favorites 🙂

      If you’re in the neighborhood and like undeveloped tropical beaches, you can visit Parque Nacional Tayrona from Santa Marta, which is a 4-hour bus ride east of Cartagena.

      And if you want to get off the beaten track, you can book a 2-4 day trip that goes even further north along the coast to La Guajira Peninsula. It’s a desert with some pretty beaches, and the northernmost point of South America.

      The seafood is awesome all along the coast!

  • tunimaal

    This interview is so good. You two guys seems so approchable and down to earht and cool. I really wanna meet and know guys like you. Keep doing it real and stay as you are.

    About the World Cup in 2014, I was thinking about going to Mexico in January 2014 and go to down to Brazil by road to be there for that great event. What’s your plan guys???

    • Dave

      Thanks! I can barely bring myself to plan a few months in advance, let alone a few years. But I do intend to visit Brazil for the first time in 2012, and get a feel for the place…get some touristy activities out of the way now.

      Then, hopefully if I’m still doing well in a few years, I can get back there ahead of the 2014 World Cup, though I imagine it’ll be utter madness.

  • Rease

    Dave is a funny guy, just started following him on Twitter not too long ago. I have gotten the same advice on salsa dancing. It is so tricky when you are not born latin!

    • Dave

      Thanks Rease 🙂 and stick with the dancing, it does get easier!

      I’m looking forward to trying tango when I get to Buenos Aires next year.

  • Nomadic Samuel

    I’m really looking forward to meeting up with Dave sometime – most likely in Colombia when I head back to South America. I certainly owe him many a cerveza fria for all his help in recent months.

  • Christy

    Great answers! I love Dave’s answer to number 13. So true. Dave seems like a very sincere guy and I think that really shines through in this interview.

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