Tips for Last Minute Holidays

Holiday makers with an eye for cheap holidays will often tell you that booking last minute is one of the best ways of saving a little money while losing nothing on the quality of the holiday. In most instances they’d be right, but to get the best from booking last minute, it’s important to know when, where and how to go about it.

Here we’ve brought you some tips to make sure you get it right.

Do your homework and be prepared to go at short notice

Research is the key. The travel industry can be very susceptible to different factors, so you’ll need to keep a watchful eye out and be prepared to jump on a plane at the absolute last minute. For example strikes in certain countries and even sporting events elsewhere in the world can cause hotels and airlines to start slashing their prices to encourage customers to use their services. If you’re prepared to move quickly and go and short notice you can really take advantage of this and get yourself an amazing last minute deal.

Consider mid-haul destinations

Mid-haul options like Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco are becoming increasingly popular with UK holiday makers heading out from London, but still don’t have the same level of popularity as the Eurozone favourites. So if price is your real concern consider heading a little further afield. You’ll save money on the cost of the holiday and it’ll be much cheaper while you’re there too.

Don’t be too fussy

If all you want is the key ingredients of a holiday, like sun, sea and sand you’ll be much more likely to get a cheap last minute deal. If you’ve set your heart on a particular destination then it will be much more difficult to get there for low cost. Be as flexible as you can and who knows you may just find a cheap holiday in the most unexpected of surroundings.

Look at different options

Traveling all-inclusive is often said to be one of the best ways of securing a last minute holiday deal and in most cases it is, but that doesn’t mean you should just look at that option. Get a little creative and look independently for the separate items of your holiday. It may take a little time, but you may be able to find the best deal. However, don’t completely rule out all-inclusive. Keep all your options open and have an open mind. It’ll be sure to spell last minute holiday success.


About Michael Hodson

I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. After 16 months, 6 continents and 44 countries, I made it all the way back home. Right now, I am back on the road writing about it all.