The Short Tale of an Idiot 13

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That idiot would be me, of course.

Earlier this year, I was in Amman for about a month to prepare for and then conduct a social media training seminar for a group of people in the travel industry in Jordan. It was a great chance to work with two of my favorite bloggers and social media experts, Jodi of Legal Nomads and Angie of Angie Away.

Plus, you know how much I love Jordan and especially love working with Reine and the great and talented folks at Jordan Tourism Board. Amman might not be my favorite town in Jordan, but it was still a great month, though it was damn cold. Plus, I got to end up taking a plane ride to London from the region and see a marriage proposal on a discount airline. Who could ask for more?

Well, it turns out that wasn’t the only fortuitous thing that happened to me in the Middle East.

I dropped my camera out of the window of a three-story building.

Yes, I am an idiot.

The brief backstory is this. Although I was working hard everyday on the stuff ya’ll don’t want to hear about (websites, social media presentations, and… well, work stuff), I wanted to get out and shoot some time lapse in Amman. This building overlooked a nice area of town where the light would gradually change as the sun set and the lights in the valley would come on. I thought it would be a nice sequence.

So, I went up to the restaurant on the top floor, opened the window so I wasn’t shooting through dirty glass, and set up my camera on the tripod on top of a table, near the open window. Then I turned around to get something out of my backpack and nudged the table accidentally.

I immediately turned around and watched as my camera and the tripod went headfirst out the window.

I almost involuntarily jumped out after it.

So, I’d imagine the question you are asking is…. how the heck did the camera survive? And was it damaged at all?

First, I assume the only reason it survived was that the aluminum roof it fell on gave a little bit on impact. If it would have fallen on concrete, the thing would have shattered.

Secondly, the camera body appears to be totally and completely fine. There isn’t even a scratch. I have taken about 20,000 photos with it (and you guys might have seen some of my rough cuts of the time lapse I took in Jerusalem after this) and it seems totally fine. The lens that was on it might be damaged a slight bit. There appears to be an auto-focus problem in certain circumstances, but the lens itself also seems fine.

Amazing, heh? Told you I was about the luckiest person on the planet.

Knock on wood.

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13 thoughts on “The Short Tale of an Idiot

  • Pamela

    Oh my. It’s amazing there was little to damage. I could just imagine the split second where you nearly jumped out after it. Yikes!

  • bethany

    wow! you are lucky and I couldn’t be happier for you!!! Was scared to read the end of this one and so glad it turned out the way it did. šŸ™‚

  • David

    Looking at the video, I would never have bet on a camera surviving such a fall.
    Are you sure there wasn’t a time of squirrels waiting below to catch it? ;-D

  • Kieu ~ GQ trippin

    3 stories and it survived?! I don’t believe it. Dropped mine less than 3 FEET and it has all sorts of problems. LOL. You are one lucky man. Must have given you a brief heart attack tho, huh. I don’t wish that feeling upon anyone. Glad to hear your camera survived. šŸ™‚

  • Margyle

    Wow… you have better luck than I do. I was watching a sumo tournament in Tokyo and spilled my delicious drink over the top of it. Sure, it was kind of okay but every dial and button was sticky from that point on.
    Actually… I guess it could’ve been worse haha

  • Nomadic Samuel

    I’ll probably end up pegging it doing something like this and involuntarily jumping after it šŸ˜› Glad to hear it was okay.

  • Jun

    Ahh we all do it at times…. And idiot is such a bad word for you man. Clumsy is better. Haha. Kidding. Thanks anyway. I’m reading some of the recommended blogs in one of your articles. Fantastic sites. So much learning and insights there for a newbie blogger like I am. Nice going. Thanks again….

  • EJ Juen Jr

    Wow lucky you! I really thought your camera will end up shattered into pieces. If you’re calling yourself an idiot for that simple mistake I wonder where will my stupidity put me if you read my post below.

    You’re camera survived, mine didn’t together with my wife’s cellphone and a bonus injury story. I guess you can call us dumb and dumber. lol.

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