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My Name is Lucky. 21

“Bond, James Bond.” “Lucky, Michael Lucky Hodson.” Just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as easily. But given that one of those is a fictional character and the other seems to describe my actual real life, I think I win. I have written a good bit before about my random […]

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money machine copenhagen

I Do Believe in Magic — Sorta 17

I love ATM’s. Money machines. Auto banks. Whatever you want to call them, I love them. It is an irrational love… and I don’t care. This is pretty much exactly what I think each and every time I go up to an ATM machine, put my card in, punch a […]

Why I am a Travel Oddball 56

It took me about three days to get from Girona, Spain to Ljubljana, Slovenia. Each day was somewhere between eight to twelve hours of actual travel, spentĀ almost entirely on trains. I love travel. By that I mean I actually love the act of traveling. Just the “getting there” part. I […]

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