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When you plan a vacation usually you just think about all the great places you want to visit, and all the adventures you want to encounter.  You daydream about the delicious foods you want to eat and the savory wines you want to devour.  There are images of wildlife dancing around in your mind, and thoughts of endless views of nature to be encountered.

Something that is so critical in your vacation planning that should by no means be ignored is your accommodation.  Sure there is the typical backpacker whose purpose of travel is based on spontaneity and low price rooms.  However, unless you are travelling without any regard for whom your roommates are, what your sleeping situation will be, or even how good of a nights rest you are expecting, you should probably check out some other options while travelling abroad.

Another option is to check out good rates online ahead of time for hotels.  These are great if you want the simplicity of waking up each morning and knowing what to expect.  The maid comes at noon, the sheets will be cleaned, and you know that the level of accommodations are fairly consistent from client to client.  Problem with hotels are that while they typically have great locations, they are also usually pricey for what they have to offer.  Other than a sense of security you are paying a hefty price for a place to sleep at night.  This is also a difficult option for a family with young children.  No kids want to share a room with their parents; however, most kids are also not mature enough to be left to their own devices when they are travelling in a foreign country.  For families, a great option is a vacation rental.

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Horizon Pacific Vacation Rentals come in many styles, with different accommodations depending on your specific needs.  Choose the number of rooms you are looking for, the location that you would prefer, the amount of security you would feel comfortable with, and search within the price range of your budget.  With a vacation rental there are no possible extra fees that a hotel can have such as the mini-bar, or pay per view television.  Also, when you are on vacation with your kids it is nice to have a common room that is comfortable for everyone to debrief at the end of the night and share some stories from the day.  If not, as soon as you are done with dinner, if you are at a hotel, everyone departs in his or her own direction.


Another great benefit of a vacation rental is that you can save money on some of those smaller meals of the day.  Lets say you have a surf tour at 8 am.  It is going to be a chore to get the kids up early enough to drive into town and find a place that serves breakfast before their surf lesson.  With a vacation rental you can stock the kitchen with some breakfast and snack items, cutting back on the number of meals that you need to pay for.  Also if you have had a long day ATV riding, and everyone is tired and hungry, you can grab a couple of pizzas at a local pizzeria and bring them to the vacation rental for dinner.  No waiting on slow service, or having to wait till each member of the family is ready to go.

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Whether you opt for the most affordable option such as a hostel, or decided to splurge on a hotel, or you go with the practical choice of a vacation rental, you need to plan ahead.  Most hostels take reservations, which can guarantee you a place to stay during the busy travel seasons.  This is also a great idea if you know that you will be arriving to town a bit late, and the receptionist may no longer be there.  Hotels offer great rates during low season so booking ahead can save you a great deal of money on an otherwise pricey room.  Vacation rentals are constantly offering special rates for the off-season and even last minute booking deals.  Plan ahead and chose the accommodations that fit you needs at a price that suits  your budget.

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