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The Smell of Damp, Freshly Cut Grass 7

I was briefly in Girona last week, just one evening and morning, before I headed down to a town on the water in Costa Brava. As I waked to my favorite little coffee shop in town, I inhaled the overwhelming scent of freshly cut grass. In this case, not just […]

reasons to go see girona spain

heart painting

The One That Owns My Heart 9

[box style=”rounded”]So, I have wanted to try something new out on this site. Hope you like it. Note the category on this post — Travel Fiction. I’m going to occasionally post up things that are pure works of fiction. So, making it clear… these are not reality… cause they might […]

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Homage to Simple Joys 14

I have been in a slightly pensive mood lately. Fairly typical in my case. Such moods roll over me every few months and linger for a while. I actually enjoy them quite a bit. The word I most associate with in this times is melancholy, which can mean depression in […]