How to Apply for an Indian Visa

India is easily one of the most beautifully breathtaking destinations in the world. Not only offering sublime landscapes, striking sites and a sensational cuisine, the culture and heritage of the area is awe-inspiring – a rich fusion of religious and historical influences which merge seamlessly with any contemporary additions to the country.

Qutab Minar in delhi closeup

Qutab Minar

Before planning your agenda, and filling your itinerary with visits to sites such as the Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar, Rashtrapati Bhavan, India Gate, and the Red Fort, it is very important to get any paperwork and documentation done and dusted. The process can be made a lot easier and quicker with companies such as Trailfinders who can assist with your Indian visa application.

Traveling outside of the EU, to long haul areas across the globe, usually requires a little more preparation than the standard holiday booking on the high street.

To make the most of your trip, consider booking with an expert travel company that will happy tailor your trip to include your dream hotspots at affordable prices. Luxury low-cost travel, created specifically to suit your every whim, is the best way to get the best from your time in India. Photography in India is a worthwhile goal in and of itself.

Choose a travel company that specialises in bespoke travel to exotic locations, and can offer precise advice on your package. In addition, look to see if the company gives any discount on their Visa services, in conjunction with your holiday booking.

India Gate

India Gate

To travel to India, and to make Indian Visa applications, all passengers need a passport with a minimum validity of six months remaining from their desired date of travel to the country. In addition, there must be at least two blank pages remaining. This is the secondary vital element of your application, in addition to the Visa application itself, which must be no older than five days.

Other items required includes two 50mm x 50mm photographs, showing the passengers full head, from hair to chin level, with this area covering a space from 25mm to 35mm maximum. The guidelines for an Indian Visa are particularly precise and must be adhered to, or the application will not be successful.

Any business travelers will need additional documentation to process a Business Visa application. This includes a company letter and an invitation from the Indian Embassy into the country. Unlike standard holiday Visas, business Visas can only be used for professional purposes only, with time scales and entry periods granted at the discretion of the Indian Embassy.

Once successfully processed, applications for Indian Visas usually take up to ten working days to be issued. It is important that you allow for this turnaround period when planning a time in which to organise your documentation. Following receipt, leisure travelers have up to six months from the date of issue to use their Visa.

Although, with the help of experts, arranging your Indian Visa is a simple systematic procedure, those with children will need to seek additional advice. Depending on the age of your child and other variables, the application process may differ slightly.

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