Looking After Your Money While Traveling Abroad

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a holiday is making sure that you will have enough money to do what you want, while also ensuring that you won’t have too many problems if something goes wrong.  Wherever you are traveling to, it is always wise to think about how to keep your money safe and also how to access your money most efficiently while you’re abroad.  There are several simple precautions that can be taken that will help you get back safely and continue to enjoy your holiday if you do lose your wallet or become a victim of crime.

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Have A Back Up Plan If You Are Robbed

It is a fact of life for many tourists that they are a natural target for criminals when they travel on holiday, and while many places may have a low crime rate, it is still possible to be robbed whilst abroad.  Many people will travel with a spare wallet with a small amount of currency in it and maybe one card which can be easily conceded to a thief, while keeping the rest of the wallet in a safe in the hotel, or in another jacket.  The key factor is to try and separate your cards and cash so that a robbery should only take some of your funds, not all of them.

Precautions To Help You Stay Safe

If you are staying in a country which is known for having a high level of crime, then it is wise to try and avoid traveling by yourself at night, and to stick to the licensed travel methods when using a taxi or a bus.  It is also wise not to drink to heavily or be obviously drunk in these places as it can quickly mark you out as an easy target for crime.  Where possible, let someone know where you’re going and when you will be back so that they can raise the alarm if something happens to you and you don’t return by a certain time.

Bank Accounts For Regular Travelers

Several providers offer packaged accounts that can help you to save money and remain safe while traveling  For example, those wanting to find the most suitable Lloyds bank accounts will see that the Gold and Platinum accounts do offer extra features such as travel insurance and a card protection policy that will help to rectify any problems if you do become the victim of crime abroad.  The Platinum account also reduces the charge for withdrawing cash abroad, which can be very useful as it reduces the need to carry large amounts of local currency during your holiday.

Carrying Important Information

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One of the important preparations to make before you leave is to prepare a piece of paper or card with your important information on it in case you need to ask for help whilst abroad.  Contact numbers for your country’s consulate, the international dialing number for your bank and your medical information can all help those who are trying to help you if you do suffer an accident abroad.  It isn’t always possible to plan for every eventuality, but by putting the right precautions in place you should be able to relax and enjoy your holiday without losing out too much if the worst does happen.

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