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One of the things I enjoy about doing some of the sponsored trips I get to do these days is that there invariably are a few things on the schedule that they come up with that I’d never have done myself, if left to my own devices. I definitely fall into the “whatever you want to do” camp of trip planning, which sometimes means that when I get to a place I tend not to do very much, unless prodded on by people I meet, or in this case by the great tourism boards I was working with.

Because I am up for just about anything though, I have afternoons like I did at the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine during my trip to Finland. Unexpected.

from the amethyst mine in finland

view from the mountain top, mine entrance to the right

This is Europe’s only active amethyst mine, but now that I think about it, I’m not sure I could have successfully listed any country in the world that mined amethyst. Then again, that does lead to a bit of an odd confession:

Amethyst is my birth stone.

How I know that amethyst is my birth stone is a complete mystery to me. Did my mother tell me that decades ago and somehow it got lodged in my brain? Did some woman I was dating mention her birth stone as a possible gift idea after telling me what mine was and it has taken up valuable neuron space ever since?

I have no idea, but I am 100% sure that it is my birth stone — even more sure than I am at I am a Sagittarius.

(See, I just had to look that up to make sure. Yep, December 15th. I am the archer.)

ski lodge movie crop 640

even with these skies, everything was so beautiful

finland mining equipment 640-1

“Amethyst Pendolino,” my ride up to the coffee hut, then the mine

The actual part of the tour where you went into the amethyst mine and dug out your own wasn’t all that exciting — on your hands and knees with a little pick banging away on the ground, but there were a good number of amethysts to be had. I ended up with five of them (don’t tell my nieces… their Christmas presents are pretty set this year, once have someone make a couple of these into necklaces or whatever).

It is certain to be a good time for any families traveling with kids. “Look Mom, I dug up a pretty stone!”

Then again, I have recurring nightmares of traveling with kids, so I should move on from that thought.

The tour guide for the entire thing was great. After getting taken up to the mine in that pendolino thing (sorta cool in and of itself), everyone went into a warm hut to hear about the mine’s history and the powers of amethyst, according to the local legends of the Sami people. It has the power to heal kidney aliments, can aid in the recollection of dreams, and protect against psychic attacks among various other amazing attributes.

It was a fun little talk, prior to heading down to dig for our stones.

But my favorite amethyst story came not from the tour guide, but from the magic of the interwebs, when I did a quick search:

The Romans used amethyst to protect against intoxication and the name comes from the Ancient Greek “amethystus,” which means, “not intoxicated.”

My birthstone. I’ve never been more proud.


digging amethyst in finland

the actual digging part is a little less photogenic than the up-top part


I was a guest of the Finnish Tourism Board as part of a Navigate Media Group project. Thanks to  Visit Finland and  Phyä-Luosto Tourist Board from sponsoring my eye opening journey through Finland in the winter. Though this trip was sponsored, obviously all the views (and photos and video) expressed herein are my own.

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17 thoughts on “Going amethyst mining in Finland, another unexpected afternoon

  • Steph | A Nerd At Large

    That looks like a blast! I’m definitely filling this away for inspiration. I already like amethyst, but what really sold me on the experience is the fact that they have purple heavy machinery!

  • Dalene

    Seeing as your REAL birthstone is turquoise (look it up), and MINE is really Amethyst…then I guess I know what you’re giving to me next Christmas? 🙂

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Lord. Maybe it was a previous girlfriend’s birthstone and not mine. LOL.

  • Sofie

    Although it wasn’t that photogenic, it does seem pretty cool to be able to dig up your birth stone. Or any shiny stone for that matter:)
    I had no idea there existed such a thing as a birth stone.
    Will quickly look up what mine is. Hold on!
    *a few seconds later – thank you Google*
    I’m Amethyst as well! February, yupyup!

  • Adam Sommer

    That ride looks amazing!

    And I agree about sponsored trips…it does give the opportunity to do things I’d never do myself (or think to do)

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      The ride was short, but yea… pretty cool in that thing. Sorta wanted it to just drive around all over the mountain. LOL.

  • Angela Goldstein

    Brazil mines a LOT of Amethysts! it is a tradition here that every University Major is assigned a stone. Emerald for Medicine, Rubi for Law and Amethyst for Literary studies. So, it is also my stone!

    • Michael Hodson Post author

      I am actually not surprised that Brazil has those mines also, since they have so many natural resources. I might have to do that next time I am down there!

  • Matthew Karsten

    Yes, a bit disappointed you didn’t post photos of the stones! How big are they? I’m curious what they look like right out of the ground too…

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