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Paris is well known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but for me the impact on my wallet is often just as important, which can be pretty heavy when it comes to booking a luxury hotel. I’m often happy to stay in hostels and budget hotels, but every now and again I just want to enjoy a few luxuries and stay in some of the more upmarket hotels, particularly when I go to cities like Paris that are famous for luxury and indulgence. This was one of those locations where I knew I’d be spending a few dollars to get a lovely central hotel, but the surprise for me was that I managed to find a stunning deal on the hotel I chose, the Renaissance Arc de Triomphe with the new hotel booking site, Travel Pony.

travel pony review

1. The Hotel

As the name suggests, the location for this beautiful hotel is just as important as the hotel itself, and being just yards away from an evening walk down the Champs Elysses to the Arc de Triomphe, the location was perfect. The beautifully lit exterior of the hotel was a welcoming sight as I arrived, and it certainly delivered on my expectations of a French luxury hotel, with excellent service and a wonderful room. The best aspect of all was the lovely Makassar Restaurant, where my evening meal was a lovely fusion of Indonesian and French cuisine, and the accompanying wine list also had a great selection of wine, which naturally was French.

travel pony review

2. Getting The Best Deal

As any travel blogger worth their salt will tell you, trying to stretch every dollar as far as it will go is vital to making sure that you are still going to be traveling in six months time, so I’m always looking to save a few dollars where I can. I’d seen the Travel Pony website pop up in the time line of a few friends on facebook and twitter, and as I was planning the trip to France I thought I’d have a look and see what they could do. The website is new, and has only been live since July this year, but fortunately Paris was one of the first cities that had been added to the website, so I checked out their prices.

There are plenty of websites who will tell you that they can save you ten or twenty per cent, and I usually dismiss this as a marketing ploy, but having already looked around for the best price I could find comparing other websites, I logged in to Travel Pony. It is slightly different to some of the other hotel search facilities, as it does ask you to log in to find out the prices which are only for members of the site, and it was just one click through facebook. I’d found the rooms available on Expedia as the cheapest, but these guys must be doing something different because their prices were nearly thirty per cent less than anything else I could find. A few more clicks, and the room was booked.

travel pony review

3. The Trip

Having saved over two hundred dollars on my hotel room, I felt I could splash out a little more in Paris, and there are plenty of ways to spend money in this lovely city. As it is among the most famous cities for fine dining in the world, I felt it would almost be rude not to spend the extra cash I had saved on a nice meal, so I still ended up spending my savings, but it was an exceptional meal with a fantastic bottle of wine!

travel pony review

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