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5 best castles to visit in Scotland 6

With a long and turbulent history that involved many a scrap with our English neighbours, Scotland has more than its fair share of castles for the modern day tourist to marvel at. There are grand palaces, royal residencies, spooky cliff-top fortresses, and atmospheric ruins to be found throughout the country. […]

Best Castles in Scotland

Malta: Must-see Destinations

January is the time of year when many people start to think about their holiday plans; the best time to go and the places they would like to visit. Most people seek sunshine, sea, sand and a pleasant environment. Malta is a perfect example of an ideal holiday destination for […]

10 Things that Surprised Me on New Zealand’s South Island 24

If there is one palace that tops many a bucket list in the world, it might have to be New Zealand. Specifically, New Zealand’s South Island. Snow-capped mountains rub shoulders with icy glaciers that drop down into bright blue alpine lakes. Combined with every adventure sport imaginable, a growing wine […]

best things to do on New Zealand's South Island

6 Unique Things to Do in Pittsburgh   Recently updated !

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tends to evoke misconceptions and stereotypes. Some people still think of it as still being a smoggy industrial town on the rust belt, or home of the most crazy sports fans, or a place full of rednecks with funny “Pittsburghese” accents, always in the shadow of Philadelphia. But […]