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Whoever said food in the UK is bland hasn’t been there recently. We were in Glasgow earlier this year and had a hard time finding bland food (not that we were looking for it very hard, though). In fact, we didn’t find any at all. Instead, we found an impressive and varied blend of old favourites and innovative dishes.

The Butterfly and the Pig

Down the stairs at 153 Bath Street, you’ll find the Butterfly and the Pig. It has a cozy lounge area where you can hang out with a drink and a snack, or if you’d like something a bit more formal, pass the long bar to the dining room, furnished with an eclectic mix of tables and chairs. Dimly lit and warm, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a friend’s home. The food is good quality pub fare – everything is made in house and includes crispy battered fish and chips, gammon steak with grilled pineapple, fried egg and chips, and Nat’s favorite: grilled haddock in a lemon butter sauce served with mashed potatoes and a fried egg. Many of their items are gluten free (and clearly marked on the menu) so celiacs need not stay away. They also have beautiful homemade desserts on offer which we would have indulged in if we weren’t already so stuffed.

eating in glasgow

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Not your typical lunch spot, A Play, A Pie and a Pint at Oran Mor is more about culture and gathering than food. Although the Scotch pie is tasty, we devoured the play, each word leaving us wanting more. We couldn’t help but think this would be a great addition to any large and culturally inclined city. What are you waiting for Vancouver?

eating in glasgow

Mister Singh’s India

The minute you walk in, you are greeted with enthusiastic smiles and made to feel welcome in this family-run restaurant. All the sons are involved and grandpa Singh quietly sits in the background, making sure they do it right. Sign up for the pakora masterclass and learn how to make different pakoras, including haggis pakora, from their knowledgeable chef, or treat yourself to some of the best Indian dishes around. We did both the class and a massive spread of all their most popular dishes, including three types of naan bread (coconut, garlic and haggis), tandoori meats and sag paneer. Mister Singh’s is a must when in Glasgow.

eating in glasgow


The city is known as the curry capital of the UK, so it’s no surprise that we had an authentic Indian meal twice during our stay. Charcoals has won several awards so we thought we’d pop in for a taste of some of our favourites. We enjoyed a phenomenal dinner of vegetable biryani, saag paneer and lamb rogan josh and would recommend Charcoals to locals and visitors alike.

eating in glasgow

Kember and Jones

This café-bakery lured us inside with their beautiful fresh bread display. Their numerous baked goods displayed on a long counter made it difficult to pick just one, but we opted to share a custard tart accompanied by two espressos. The tart was eggy and creamy and its crust, flaky and buttery perfection. The espresso was strong with a thick crema, just the way we like it.


George Mewes Cheese

There’s nothing unlikable about George Mewes and his cheese shop, unless of course you hate cheese. It is a cheese lovers paradise and George is there to guide you through all the different types and tastes, so you can find something you can’t live without. Visit on an empty stomach – there are many cheeses to taste.


Once Upon a Tart

We stopped here for lunch on a chilly and rainy afternoon and within minutes of ordering, we had a piping hot carrot and ginger soup and melty grilled ham and cheese sandwich to warm ourselves. We were in a rush, but next time we’re in Glasgow we’ll take the time to inspect (and by inspect I mean taste) all of their beautiful home baked treats.

eating in glasgow


What city’s food have you discovered lately?


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