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If the latest fitness-friendly Instagram selfie craze is anything to go by, jaunting around the world to deepen your yoga practice is more popular than ever – and Thailand serves as a perfect place to do your downward dogs while staying in some gorgeous spots.

Yoga in Thailand with Thailand  Yoga Holidays

You can attend classes, studios and retreats across the country, but there are three main hubs where you’ll find particularly large yoga scenes throughout the year.


When I think of Bangkok, the first thing that comes to mind is traffic. Then food. Then big fancy hotels… not yoga. However, because of all its craziness, fitting in a couple yoga classes while in Bangkok is a great way to try and balance out the big city buzz and carve out a little space for yourself.

While the yoga centers here aren’t quite as charming or yoga-y feeling as elsewhere in the country, there are still some excellent options with one in particular standing out. Yoga Elements is regularly recognized as one of the top studios in the city – Travel + Leisure even named it “Bangkok’s best yoga studio” – and runs a range of classes, workshops, teacher trainings and private sessions so you’re sure to find something that resonates with you.

Koh Phangan… and the other islands

You can find yoga studios and classes to a certain degree on every island, but if you’re serious about your practice and want yoga to play a major role in your holiday, Koh Phangan is by far the place to be. Yes, the island is infamous for its Full Moon Party (and Half Moon Party and Quarter Moon Party…) but it’s also the yoga center of the south and home to more yoga and retreat centers than any other island including The Sanctuary, a highly popular wellness and detox center, along with a number of other studios such as Agama Yoga, All Yoga Thailand, Blooming Lotus Yoga and more.

Chiang Mai

It’s no secret that I’m partial to the north but (along with some of the country’s best food, accommodation and landscapes) it truly is the best place for yoga as well. There is a strong yoga and wellness community here with a solid set of local and foreign teachers that work around town. Several yoga studios close to the Old City, such as Namo Yoga or The Yoga Tree, make it easy for travelers to drop in on a class and the welcoming, laid-back attitude helps them feel immediately welcome.

There are also several small studios outside the city center and the Northern Thai hills are a popular setting for yoga retreats. Thailand Yoga Holidays, for instance, runs 10-night retreats that combine a yoga focus while taking full advantage of the true beauty of the north and all that Thailand has to offer with stops in places like Pai, Chiang Dao, a permaculture farm and even a floating retreat center. By discovering the area through one of the company’s retreats, run by a Canadian instructor who’s been living in Chiang Mai for the past eight years, you’ll practice yoga in some unbelievable places you never would have found on your own while also learning more about the country, culture and, of course, eating delicious food.


Have you done yoga in Thailand or gone on a retreat? Where?


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12 thoughts on “Where to do yoga in Thailand

  • Anand BV

    I think doing yoga in Thailand is very easy compared to India. Due to right fringe parties, yoga is now associated with religion rather than health aspect.

  • Steph

    Yogatique in BKK is awesome! Totally recommend it, my favorite studio in Southeast Asia aside from Radiantly Alive in Bali.

  • Namaskar India Tour

    Thanks for sharing these places. This post is really helpful for many Yoga place seekers in Thailand.

  • Dale

    I’ve never done any yoga before and was completely against the idea when (pretty much) everyone around us in Thailand was talking about how they’d done a week long course of yoga training and were now “experts”.

    It was enough to put me off the idea for life.

    Thankfully though we’ve since met a number of great yoga instructors who’ve convinced me that if you go to the right place to learn about yoga for the mind, soul, AND body; it can be amazing.

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  • Arti

    Already familiar with yoga back home in my country, India but this one in Thailand sounds interesting as well, would love to check these someday!

  • Arianwen

    I’m heading to Thailand next week! I’ve done yoga once in my life, so I think it’s the perfect time to take your tips on board 🙂

  • Shannon

    If you’re on Koh Phangan, Sunny Yoga at Blue Ocean Garden Resort on Haad Chao Pao has daily drop in classes and a very good trip adviser rating & reviews 🙂

    The teacher is Sunsanee (Sunny) and she is the only Thai yoga teacher operating on Koh Phangan with classes in English.


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