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6 Cities to visit in Colombia

6 Cities to visit in Colombia 9

Colombia is at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list these days, especially when visiting South America for the first time. Flights from North America won’t break the bank; neither will expenses while traveling within Colombia. The biggest pull to Colombia is the stunning landscapes, cities, and of course the […]

Lost in Quito

Lost in Quito 2

For a woman who typically travels solo, I often find myself surrounded by other travelers and rarely spend time alone. Quito, Ecuador was probably the first city where I was truly alone during the entire 9 months I traveled through Latin America. There’s nothing wrong with being alone, but I did […]

The Incomplete Guide To Partying In Ibiza 5

After writing my non-partiers guide to Ibiza, I received a few messages from “concerned” friends. Don’t worry, I partied a little. I promised that I would also write a guide to partying and Ibiza and, well, I lied. I won’t be writing a complete guide to partying because my partying […]

Tupiza Bolivia

Getting Off Track in Bolivia 2

  It seems to be an increasingly popular mentality among travelers to “do” as many countries as possible. Get in, see the main sights, do the main activities, get out, and get on to the next place. While it definitely makes sense to budget your time wisely, especially on a […]