How to beat the winter blues in Beautiful British Columbia 2

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Beautiful British Columbia

As the temperatures drop and the rains start in beautiful British Columbia, it’s the memory of sunny days and nature that will help us stay positive through the coming winter months.












Beautiful British Columbia

English Bay, Vancouver

Quickie getaway

Mountains, water, the beach and Stanley Park are great for a quickie getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver. Many people make the trek after work to have a picnic on the beach and watch the sun set.

Beautiful British Columbia

The view from Olympic Village looking West, Vancouver

Amazing sunsets

Night after night, amazing summer sunsets give us a show, each one a little different but always giving us something to ooohh and aaahhh about.

Beautiful British Columbia

Gabriola Island

Escaping the city

Escaping the city is easily done by jumping on a ferry and visiting one of several islands within minutes or a few hours. One being Gabriola, inspiration to  some of the group of seven artists.

Beautiful British Columbia

Sunset Beach, Vancouver

Vancouver Island

Ferry to Vancouver Island and within a few hours you can go from the city of Vancouver to one of our favourite places, Qualicum Beach; where you can indulge in some of the best salmon fishing rivers in the world.

Beautiful British Columbia

typical BC forest


From Vancouver to Vancouver Island to Whistler, the forests here are lush with moss and ferns. Foraging for mushrooms and other edibles is gaining in popularity and BC forests are overflowing with nature’s bounty.

Beautiful British Columbia

Parksville sunset

There’s nothing like fresh ocean air on a balmy summer morning to clear away any thought of wet winter months. And as those months loom closer and closer, it’s the thought of wonderful, long summer days that will keep us going and dreaming all along the rainy season.

Do you enjoy winter or do you long for those endless summer days?

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