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We fell in love with Turin when we were there recently. There is a long list of things to do and places to see, after sharing a few in an earlier post,  We thought it was worth sharing a few more.

more things to do in Turin

Take a cooking class

If you enjoy food, learning to cook from a professional chef can be a rewarding experience.  We headed to Gambero Rosso for what we thought was a class on how to make Bagna Caoda, a warm dip with anchovies, garlic, butter, olive oil, and sometimes cream.

Chef Luca Barbiero had other plans though, using porcini mushrooms and hazelnuts we created a delectable risotto and an egg dish with anchovy breadcrumbs as a garnish. Since Tim does most of the cooking at home and is professionally trained he let me do the work while he enjoyed some wine.

more things to do in Turin

Eat at a Piola

Piolas are local restaurants that serve typical wine and dishes of the area at a very reasonable price. They started out as social clubs by the river’s edge where mostly seniors would play card games and bocce. Now they are frequented by a broad mix of people. There are several around town, with Da Cianci being one of the most popular. It’s all about the food in a very vibrant local setting. Go with what the server’s recommendations and eat like a local.

more things to do in Turin

Take a food tour

There’s nothing like a knowledgeable guide to make you want to learn more about a city. Laura Sgarlazzetta’s wealth of information about Turin’s food and history is outstanding. During our tour with Laura we visited an award-winning chocolatier to learn about gianduiotto, Farmacia Schiapparelli makers of Balsamo di Gerusalemme, Caffè Mulassano for a cappuccino and a few more spots including the farmers market.

more things to do in TurinMake sure Turin is on your itinerary next time you’re in Italy. It’s an easy train ride from all the major cities and hopefully, you will love it as much as we do.


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