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Verona, a town known worldwide as the home of Romeo and Juliet has cashed in on the fictional characters from Shakespeare’s love story. The town is filled with tourists doing the pilgrimage to the Casa di Giulietta, Giulietta’s tomb and other spots that may have been mentioned in the story. And although they may come for the romance associated with Romeo and Juliet, hopefully, they realize there is more to do in this town than rub a famous breast.

Have a meal

With so many eateries to chose from, we opted for two local filled spots. The first, Pizzeria Bar Delle Nazioni is nothing fancy but the food is fresh and typical of the area. The low prices and proximity to the train station were advantageous.
nazionaliOur second option and the place where we had one of our best meals in Italy is Hosteria La Vecchia Fontanina. Chef Marco is a genius in the kitchen, turning the humble, local specialty of bigoli into a delectable masterpiece. Horse meat is prevalent on the menu and quite a delicacy, served in several different dishes. Read about our crazy night at Hosteria La Vecchia Fontanina here.verona

Catch an opera at the arena

Operas have been performed here since the 1850’s.  If you’re like us and living on a frugal travelers budget remember that sitting on the stone steps is much cheaper than the plush seats. And if opera isn’t your favourite music choice, you can see other genres, bands of note that have performed here, Leonard Cohen, Deep Purple, Adele, Simple Minds, Bjork and Pink Floyd  to name a few.


Do some shopping

Via Giuseppe Mazzini is the main shopping street in Verona. Spanning from Piazza Bra to Piazza delle Erbe, the street is lined with high-end shops like Gucci and Sisley interspersed with a few gelaterias for a sweet break.


Cross Castelvecchio Bridge

If shopping isn’t part of your wheelhouse, try crossing the Castelvecchio bridge for eye-catching views down the Adige river. On most days you can be serenaded by an accordion player or two. Enjoy the stroll across to the Arsenale public garden or walk back across and head down the river to the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore.


Have you been to Verona? What were some of your favorite things to do?


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