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If maintaining a vegetarian diet is something that you feel strongly about, eating out at restaurants can be a bit of a nightmare. Most restaurants are very respectful of the needs of their patrons but you may find that there is just not a lot of variety to what you can eat. You can only eat French fries cooked in vegetable oil with a salad so many times before you don’t even want to eat any more. Luckily more and more places are becoming savvy to vegetarian dining and there are more and more options to choose from. The best thing is to do is some research beforehand to find out what vegetarian options there are in the area you are heading to. Download an app for your phone to help you find vegetarian restaurants in the area. Here are five countries that are the most vegetarian friendly in Europe.


Italy is a great place for vegetarians because the traditional Italian diet is extremely vegetarian friendly. You can easily order dishes like pizza with tomato sauce and cheese, tomato and cheese salads, legume based dishes, and pasta with fresh vegetables. You can also choose from antipasti dishes, side dishes, fresh bread, and many kinds of cheeses and that are sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied. Another reason to choose Italy for your vacation is the delicious ripe fruit! You can visit any market and you’ll find a whole variety of colourful and appetising locally-grown fruit which is so much more delicious than regular supermarket fruit back home.



There are at least half a million vegetarians in the UK so there are lots of options for eating out. There are plenty of Indian restaurants where you can easily pick up vegetarian curries with rice or flat breads. Chinese food is another great option and you can often find restaurants that have two kitchens with one that only cooks vegetarian dishes. Pretty much every restaurant in the UK has a decent vegetarian option, even in a steakhouse you’ll find something vegetarian friendly! There are also lots of vegetarian restaurants serving only vegetarian and vegan food. If you are staying in self-catering accommodation, you can research when the local farmers market is on, then go and select fresh local produce to cook up yourself. The Cotswolds is particularly good for farmers markets, and if you are looking for nearby accommodation then Log House Holidays is a great choice for a peaceful and relaxing getaway.



Eating out in Germany is pretty easy for vegetarians. Breakfast is usually a big meal that is made up of different kinds of cereals, yoghurt, deli meats, different kinds of cheeses, freshly baked rolls and different kinds of condiments like jam or Nutella to go on the rolls. It is easy enough to avoid the meat. A common lunch all over most of Germany is cake and coffee so meat doesn’t really come into play. For dinner there are a few options like rösti, a pancake made out of grated potatoes. You can also choose Flammkuchen, a thin dough pizza that you pick the toppings for.



You can easily find Asian or Turkish restaurants to eat at that will serve many vegetarian dishes. You can also find fries, and many different Dutch cheeses to choose from. Soups, salads, and side dishes are always a great option just make sure that you communicate with the staff of the restaurant about your dietary needs. If you love avocados then you’ll definitely want to head over to The Avocado Show, an avocado-based restaurant in a trendy neighbourhood in Amsterdam.



The capital city of France is Paris and it is a meat loving city. That being said you can still find many vegetarian options. For breakfast you can choose from pastries, baguettes, cheeses, eggs, crepes and amazing coffee. Make sure you communicate with the wait staff when you are ordering your lunch and dinner. Its important to bear in mind that although some things may seem to be vegetarian, they may not be cooked in a vegetarian way, for example fries might be cooked in lard, or a ratatouille might be made with a beef broth. So unless your french skills are good enough to properly check with the waiting staff, then it is best to order something which doesn’t run the risk of not being vegetarian. Soup and salads are a great option and you can always find baguette sandwiches made with tomatoes and cheese on many street corners. If you are worried about accidentally eating something non-vegetarian, then stick with the vegetarian restaurants for a stress-free dining experience.

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