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It is never too late to take a gap year. If your children have recently left for college and you are feeling the empty nest syndrome it is a great time to head out and explore the world and all of the things that it has to offer. There are plenty of great volunteering opportunities all over the world available for mature people or perhaps you are interested in taking a spiritual journey to discover yourself.

Teach English In India

There are more than 1.3 billion people living in India more than 800 million of these people do not have access to a good education. You can join charities that teach English to underpriviledged children from remote villages or help adults to improve their English. You can find places that offer food and accommodation as part of the package or you can find your own place to stay.


Volunteer With Local Youth Organisation

Taking a gap year doesn’t mean that you have to leave home and travel somewhere far away. There are plenty of opportunities available in your local community that will allow you to make a difference. Youth organizations like Scouts for boys and girls are always looking for adults to help out by leading troops, or taking them on trips. You can also join youth reading programs, or help troubled kids who live on the streets. Making a difference in a youth’s life can stop them from making the wrong decisions and it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.


Take A Spiritual Journey To Tibet

Explore your spirituality and journey high into the Himalayas to experience enlightenment in Tibet. The Buddhist religion offers many helpful insights that will help you find your own path. You can learn meditation with Mt. Everest and other towering mountains as a backdrop. There are other amazing scenic places where you can recharge your batteries. Take a trip to Lake Yamdro, and view the pristine turquoise waters that will make you feel at peace. Jokhang Temple is the spiritual centre of Tibet and you can join Buddhist Pilgrims and pray in front of it. Be sure to head to Sera Monastery to watch the Monk Debates. Click here for a visitors guide to Tibet.


Elephant Conservation

Elephants have been forced to toil as beasts of burden for hundreds of years and these giant, intelligent creatures are finally being given the respect that they deserve. There are elephant volunteering opportunities to feed, clean up after, wash, and help with their day to day maintenance. You have your choice of countries; Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and others. You can also immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about the people who live there.


Sea Turtles Rescue, Costa Rica

Sea turtles are peaceful and graceful creatures that face many dangers in the world. They are threatened daily by fishing nets, pollution, and poachers. Head to Costa Rica and you can help protect leatherback and green turtles and help ensure the survival of the species. You will help nurse sick or injured turtles, collect eggs, collect data on turtles, and make a real difference in these creatures’ lives. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and you can explore jungles, take a few surfing lessons or just lie on the beach when you are volunteering

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