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Flora is a London-born writer, travel blogger and avid volunteer with a self-penned obsession for the weirdnesses of the world. She chronicles her adventures at Flora the Explorer.

Over the years, Flora has lived in Florence and San Francisco, worked in India and Iceland, volunteered in Nepal and Lithuania, and traveled through countless other countries. Bitten by the volunteering strain of the travel bug, she is currently on a mission to volunteer in every country she visits in South America — a journey that she’s recently decided will not be complete until she’s fluent in Spanish.

These self-imposed challenges echo her traveling ethos: to discover and learn more about herself and others through the places she visits. With a degree in literature and creative writing under her belt, Flora is less concerned about writing hotel reviews and top ten lists, and more about discovering what makes a place unique; the tiny details, local colors and collected observations that come together to create an engaging story.

Moreover, she wants to ensure that her readers feel involved in her tales of personal exploration every step of the way.

You can find Flora on Facebook and Twitter.

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