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Helen in WonderlustAuthor Helen Davies

Helen Davies is an adventure traveler and former marketing executive from Liverpool in the UK. In 2009, she left the corporate world behind to travel and volunteer in Africa. After nine months away she returned to the UK with a new found lust for life. Since then she spends as much time as she can on the road and has moved into full-time work in the non-profit sector, working for a social enterprise charity, as a youth worker, and tour guide and project manager for a literacy charity in East and Southern Africa. She’s also travelled through Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America.

Helen’s favorite adventures include conquering Kilimanjaro, taking the train from Zambia to Tanzania, gorilla trekking in Rwanda, walking with lions, white water rafting, and going on safari. Her next big trip is going to be back to Africa later in the year.

Favourite countries: Zambia, Uganda and Vietnam.

Helen writes about her travels near and far (mainly Africa and the people she meets along the way) on her blog Helen in Wonderlust. Helen hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams – whether that’s traveling the world short-term/long-term or taking up a crazy new venture, like the time she took up competitive ballroom dancing at the age of 30!

You can connect with Helen via the Helen in Wonderlust Facebook Page, or on Twitter, Instagram or Google+.

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