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Go See Write - 19Camille Willemain is a coconut-loving barefoot beach bum who finds bliss exploring the endless possibilities of the Earth. In the last two years, she has trekked through the wild jungle with pumas in Costa Rica, sailed across the Caribbean from Panama to Colombia, hiked to the tops of volcanoes in Nicaragua, snorkeled with sharks in Belize, partied with hipsters in London, gotten lost on cobblestone streets in Barcelona, kayaked through caves in Portugal, haggled in souks in Morocco, swam in the emerald waters of Ha Long Bay, surfed with locals on deserted beaches in Indonesia, eaten hundreds of plates of street food in Thailand, and spent the night in a temple at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. She aims to inspire people to release their fears, chase their dreams, and do everything in life with intention.

Follow her world travels and the lessons she learns on her journey, follow her blog, This American Girl. You can also follow her on Facebook, on Twitter @thisamericagirl, and on Instagram.

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