How rainy days in Darjeeling won me over 3

Imagine India for a moment. You might be visualizing crowded streets, colorful, silky fabrics, vibrant markets, and tuk-tuks speeding around. You would be correct, but when I think of India I also visualize the monasteries, mountains, tea fields, and beautiful Tibetan faces of the people of Darjeeling. I’ve visited India […]


Women in Jaipur

Behind the shot – National Geographic Traveler cover photo contest 1

One of the better online photo communities out there is National Geographic’s Your Shot. It’s a unique site with 600,000+ members to whom editors assign biweekly photo projects covering topics like “The Pool” and “Bright Ideas in Action.” While it’s best to go out and shoot new material for the assignments, you can also participate by uploading something […]

Spring festivals in India

India is home to some of the most exuberant festivals in the world, and some of the best take place when the hardness of winter gives way to warming spring. There is no better way to experience the country’s rich and historic culture than to plunge into one of these events. Hop […]

sights to see in goa india

5 Things to Do in Goa 2

Filled with history and beauty, Goa is one of the most fascinating states in India. Renowned for its unique heritage and breathtaking landscapes, visiting Goa is a once in a lifetime experience. From beautiful beaches to historic landmarks to exotic forests, there is something for everyone here. Whether you visit […]