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Favorite Concerts 11

I was having a conversation recently about the best concerts we had seen. And I recalled this was an occasional subject of conversation while traveling — along with “what was your first concert?” And that can lead to some interesting and amusing answers. Though I might edit this list if […]

25 Things about Me 8

Until my recent sailboat trip (promise the blog is coming), the last time I threw up was 23 years ago. Freshman year in college. Tequila. Still can’t drink it to this day — actually can’t even smell it — the smell makes me wretch. Oddly, can’t drink Scotch either, because to my nose, it smells too much like tequila.

Shout Out from Tony Kornheiser 1

What is also great about his show is that it is only about half sports. He (and the people he has in the booth with him, three or so everyday from a rotating cast of about seven or eight) ends up more of the time just talking about things in the news, entertainment, movies, music, and such. His show hits about everything under the sun – and his show’s self-deprecating tag line is “this show stinks!”