Photo Journals

Touring Costa Rica through the eyes of others 18

I was in Costa Rica a couple months back as the guest of Exodus Travels, a tour company based out of the U.K., to take a two-week bicycling tour of that Central American country. As fate would end up having it, the biking portion of my tour concluded before lunch […]

A quick look at Finland via Instagram for my #visitFinland trip 30

I have only been back from Finland for about a week and I am still basking in the memories (and editing a few thousand photos). The entire country was an unexpected revelation. My major goal in this trip was to see and photograph the Northern Lights. I failed. Well, the […]

Sometimes a place just doesn’t feel right. Alas, Valencia. 9

Oftentimes places just strike a chord at minute one with me and I feel immediately at ease there. I have written previously about my comfort level in the U.K. and also just recently put up my first bit of “travel fiction” detailing my feelings for a little town in Croatia. […]

street art with a message in valencia spain