Ultimate Train Challenge

no occupying while stabling sign on china train

Little Oddities in China on #UTC11 21

  One of the things that I love about China is the slightly off English that you see in signs and hear from people. “Clinglish” or “Changlish” or whatever one calls it (similar to Spanglish, which was supposedly an actually good Adam Sandler movie, though I’ll never know), China was […]

America, F*%@ ‘Ya!! Hitting the Jackpot in the Ultimate Train Challenge Scavenger Hunt 32

There are two parts of the Ultimate Train Challenge and although all three of us, me, Nora and Jeannie, aren’t being ultra competitive about any of this… I do know we all want some form of bragging rights at the end of it all. Given that we have a different […]

michael hodson in uncle sam outfit

Rossio Patio Hostel common room Lisbon Portugal

Day 1 of the Ultimate Train Challenge: Total, complete, miserable, abject failure (#utc11) 37

During the month of September, as I hope most of you that follow along with this website know, I will be joining Jeannie the Nomadic Chick and Nora the Professional Hobo on the Ultimate Train Challenge. One month. Lisbon, Portugal to Saigon, Vietnam. All by trains, mostly by Eurail.com and […]