VIdeo of the Day: Wellington Sevens 1

One of the incredibly fun events I was able to stumble across on my trip was the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament. It is an international tournament of seven-man rugby teams. The great thing, aside from the action, is that almost all the fans show up in full costume. Incredible party […]

Border Crossing 2

The phrase “TIA” (This is Africa) was made popular in the States by the movie “Blood Diamond,” of which, as a sidenote, I was a pretty big fan of. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. TIA basically is just a way of saying that things work, or more […]

Close Mindedness on Religion 12

I guess I should preface this semi-rant by saying I am one of the least judgmental people on the planet. Whatever floats your boat, as long as it isn’t hurting others, is fine by me. But I’m really never going to be much of a fan of intolerance and the […]