A Visitor’s Guide To Germany

Germany is widely considered to be one of the most powerful countries in Europe, as it is not only one of the largest in terms of its geographic size but also has one of the strongest economies and is very important politically. During the period of the Roman Empire the tribes in Germania were known for being fierce and intimidating fighters, but during the twentieth century they were involved in two world wars, and suffered after being defeated in both instances. Culture does play an important role in German life, and many of the world’s greatest musical composers have been German, while they also have a keen enthusiasm for food and drink, being the second highest consumers of beer per capita in the world.

The US State Department believes that Germany is generally a safe place to visit for American citizens with the German government proactive in combating terrorism, although it does advise people to be cautious, as two US Airmen were shot by a Muslim extremist at Frankfurt Airport in 2011

Top Sights And Attractions To Visit In Germany

Museuminsel, Berlin – Located at the heart of the German capital, this island lies in the river running through the city, and is home to the country’s best and most popular museums looking at  European art and an archaeological museum with some of the best pieces from around the world

The Black Forest – Located in the south west of the country, the Black Forest is one of the most attractive areas of Germany with beautiful forests and mountain scenery, and several picturesque towns and historic castles.

Oktoberfest – This annual festival is held in the city of Munich running from late September until its culmination in the first weekend of October, and is a celebration of German produce, with significant amounts of German beer drunk and a variety of German foods on offer.

Cologne Cathedral – This stunning Catholic church with its twin towers is one of the most impressive buildings in Germany, designed and built in the Gothic style, with building work starting in the thirteenth century that wasn’t completed until the nineteenth century.

Lake Constance – This lake lies between Switzerland, Austria and Germany at the foot of the Alps, and is a beautiful lake with three large islands, allowing visitors to enjoy hiking and cycling around the shores of the lake, and try a boat ride on one of many ships that work the lake.

The Berlin Wall – This iconic wall was one that separated the city of Berlin for many years, but today the remainder of the wall is a reminder of the city’s troubled past, and how the country’s unification was achieved.

Koblenz – This lovely city is situated around the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine rivers, and has several historic buildings, and also hosts the annual ‘Rhine in Flames’ festival with concerts and elaborate firework displays.

Bergpark Wilhelmshohe – This baroque masterpiece is a combination of stunning buildings and beautifully designed and maintained ornate gardens, with a series of steps at the center of the complex with cascading water being among the highlights of the site.

Garden Kingdom Dessau-Worlitz – This is a beautiful area to explore that was first commissioned in the eighteenth century with remarkable historic buildings and a lake with several waterways that allow visitors to be taken around the area by gondola.

Romantic Road – This stunning route in the south of the country is a lovely driving route that takes visitors through some spectacular mountain scenery, and also gives visitors a look at several historic castles and mansions that are located along the route.

Where To Stay In Germany


Scandic Hotel Berlin Potsdamer Platz – Providing guests with stylish and modern rooms with classy touches throughout, this hotel is an ideal choice with a great location, and access to features such as free wi-fi, a sauna and a fitness center.

Meininger Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof – Just a short walk from sights such as the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate, this hotel offers visitors well priced accommodation with modern rooms with wall mounted televisions and attractive bathrooms.


Hotel Imperial – This traditional German hotel offers high standards of accommodation at a good price, with simple yet attractive rooms that offer a great base from which to explore the city, along with a restaurant and bar on site.

Hotel Atlas Residence – One of the stand out features of this hotel is that it has its own Turkish Baths including a sauna and steam room, while guests can enjoy luxury accommodation with modern facilities and large spacious bathrooms in a great location.


Hotel Arosa – Guests staying at this hotel are in a great position from which to explore the city, and the hotel offers comfortable rooms with clean, sleek bathrooms and a pleasant bar area to relax.

Five Elements Hostel – A great option for those wanting to stay in Frankfurt on a budget, there are a variety of options available from dormitories to double rooms and an apartment, each offering comfortable beds and a nice location within walking distance from the main sights


Leonardo Hotel Koln – This wonderful hotel has lovely rooms with comfortable beds and pleasant bathrooms, along with beautiful communal areas that are grandly decorated, and access to facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness center.

Parkhotel St. Georg – Just a short distance outside the city center with good transport links, this hotel offers visitors to Cologne a great base on a budget, along with quirky and interesting rooms with nice bathrooms and a pleasant garden area

German Cuisine

While German cuisine may not have achieved the international recognition that French cuisine may have received, it is still well worth trying and offers some very tasty dishes, with meat featuring in many meals and dishes. One of the most common foods in Germany is sausage, known as wurst, and there are many different varieties that can be tried across the country, with Bratwurst being a mildly spiced sausage made with pork which is often fried and served with a curry ketchup, known as Currywurst. Another popular meal is Sauerbraten, which is a roasting joint that is roasted after having been marinated for several days in an acidic mixture usually made with vinegar or white wine and herbs.

Currency And Visa

Germany is one of the main countries that was behind the creation of the Euro, and with its strong economy can often see prices that are slightly higher than in other countries in southern Europe. Those who have US Dollars to exchange will usually find that they have to pay around 1.37 Dollars for every Euro. Germany is a part of the Schengen Agreement, so visitors from the United States will not need to arrange a visa unless they are staying in the countries party to this agreement for over ninety days.

Further Reading

Berlin is a city that has a lot to offer visitors, and this article is a great insight into the different attractions that help to make the city stand out. One of the best aspects of travel in Germany is that the train system is one of the most efficient in the world, and makes travel from place to place a predictable joy, as mentioned in this article.