A Visitor’s Guide To Hungary

Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe, and while it went on to be one of the most important powers on the continent for a period as a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it has seen its influence decline over recent centuries. The origin of the first rulers of Hungary lay in Asia, and it is this history that means only the languages of Finnish and Estonian have any shared history with Magyar, the national language of Hungary. Visitors to the country are often impressed by the wonderful scenery in the country, and it is this terrain that gives the country great natural resources such as bauxite, natural gas and coal

The US State Department does advise that Hungary is generally quite a safe place to visit, but does warn that a growth in far right wing parties in the country means that people of Jewish or Romany heritage, and homosexuals have all been targeted in attacks.

Top Sights And Attractions In Hungary

Budapest – The capital of Hungary is also one of its most attractive cities, with some beautiful old buildings and a thriving culture, with a wide range of different musical and theatrical productions often on show, along with a vibrant night life.

Pannonhalma Abbey – This historic abbey was first founded in the tenth century, and has grown into one of the most attractive religious complexes in the region, with a beautiful Gothic basilica, while the abbey is also home to the oldest known document to be written in Hungarian.

Pecs – This attractive city was first founded by the Romans in the second century, and is home to some of the oldest known Christian burial sites in the world dating from the fourth century, while it also has an impressive castle and a charming city center.

St Stephen’s Basilica – This stunning church was built at the start of the twentieth century, and was at the time equal to Budapest’s other tallest building, the Hungarian Parliament, and boasts a beautiful cupola, several lovely stained glass windows and the largest church bell in the country.

Lake Balaton – This is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of Hungary’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing visitors who can swim in the warm waters of the lake and enjoy a variety of water sports activities and explore the surrounding hillsides.

Castle Hill – Located on the banks of the Danube, this area of the city of Budapest is home to the spectacular castle that served as the seat of Hungarian royalty for many centuries, and is also home to many of the city’s largest and most popular museums.

The Great Church Of Debrecen – This large building is the most impressive and iconic of Hungary’s second city, occupying a prominent position in the city center, with an attractive neoclassical exterior and a lovely ornate interior.

Aggtelek – This small village in the north of the country is home to one of its most extensive cave networks, and visitors come to enjoy the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites that have developed on the floor and roof of the cave, which at its highest point rises thirty meters above the floor level.

Miskolc Cave Baths – Located in the suburb of Tapolca, this attractive cave has pools of thermal water that are wonderfully warm, and with gentle lighting makes relaxing in the water of the cave a wonderful experience.

Gyor – This old city is located in the north west of the country, and has a beautiful grand city center that has many historic buildings, including the Doczy Chapel, which is built in a Gothic style, while the town also has a popular aqua park.

Where To Stay In Hungary


Boscolo Budapest Autograph Collection Hotel – This spectacular hotel offers guests grandeur on every level, from the wonderful dining room through to the luxurious rooms and massive bathrooms, and offers guests a swimming pool, lovely spa and modern fitness center.

Cosmo City Hotel – This stylish hotel offers visitors to the city a great location from which to explore, while the modern rooms are attractive and well designed with pleasant bathrooms, and modern features such as a flat screen television and wi-fi internet.


Mozart Hotel – Offering traditionally decorated rooms with large comfortable beds, this hotel gives visitors a pleasant location near the river, and within easy reach of many of the city’s main sights.

Novotel Szeged Hotel –  This attractive modern hotel offers guests facilities such as a games room, jacuzzi and sauna, while the rooms are well designed with modern features and lovely bathrooms.


Corso Hotel Pecs – A modern and stylish hotel that has placed a significant emphasis on the design, guests here can enjoy the large welcoming beds and cleverly designed bathrooms, while also having a good location that is just a short walk from the city center.

Boutique Hotel Sopianae – Guests at the hotel can enjoy leisure facilities including a jacuzzi, fitness center and games room, while the location is within easy reach of the sights of the city, and also offers comfortable rooms with excellent power showers in the bathroom.


Hotel Divinus – From the luxurious bathroom toiletries to the comfortable beds, this hotel provides guests with truly impressive accommodation with facilities such as a children’s area, indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, as well as being just a short distance from the city center.

Centrum Hotel – A stylish and affordable hotel that has been recently renovated, this has a great location among the main sights of the city, with modern features like wall mounted televisions and fast internet access

Hungarian Cuisine

The food of Hungary is largely that which was brought to the area by the Magyars who founded the country, and has a significant emphasis on meat which is included in most savory dishes. Goulash is probably the most famous export of Hungary in terms of its cuisine, where beef, pork or lamb is slow cooked with onions and other vegetables, which is then flavored with paprika and other spices. Another popular dish for visitors is Pecsenye, which is a steak that is usually served on a wooden platter, and served with a salad and fried vegetables.

Currency And Visa

Hungary is a country that has joined many other European nations as a part of the Schengen Agreement, which means that it shares open borders with these countries, and also shares its visa arrangements. Those traveling from the United States will only need to arrange a visa if they plan to stay in these countries for over ninety days. While the Euro is becoming quite widely accepted in many tourist areas, the official currency of the country is the Hungarian Forint, which can generally be exchanged for around 220 Forints per US Dollar.