How I Ended Up in The Tatra Mountains: The Story I’ve Been Waiting For 2

I’ve always wanted to to tell a travel story that begins with deciding to go on an adventure with someone I had just met. It’s finally happened. I met a Californian named Joe who immediately invited me on a trip with him to get out of the city, go hiking […]

6 reasons to add Ljubljana, Slovenia to your travel hit list 5

With a population of just under 300,000, Ljubljana is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities.  But all the best things come in small packages, so they say, and Ljubljana is no exception. A green and liveable city Boasting 542 square metres of public green space per resident, and a traffic-calmed […]

How to use Airbnb on your travels 13

Airbnb is a website that has seen a significant growth in popularity since it was founded. The idea of being able to find apartment rentals or room rentals online is one that is very attractive and provides a different way to stay in a new destination. Because it is quite […]