to Khartoum, Sudan from Gondar, Ethiopia 5   Recently updated !

Sudan was the first fully Islamic state I have visited – Sharia law is in effect there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia.  It was also the first police state I’ve been to.  You have no doubt read about the problems there – foremost of those the situation in Darfur, but also the independence movement […]

overland route from gondar, ethiopia to kharthoum, sudan

Mexico City and the Oddities of Names 1

Most Latin American cities have a variety of streets named after important dates (assumably) in that country’s history. The Centro Historico district of Mexico City is no different: 5 de Mayo (even I got the significance of that one – though I still associate it more with a Corona commercial than its true meaning) and 16 de Semtiebre roads