to Khartoum, Sudan from Gondar, Ethiopia 5

Sudan was the first fully Islamic state I have visited – Sharia law is in effect there.  It was also the first police state I’ve been to.  You have no doubt read about the problems there – foremost of those the situation in Darfur, but also the independence movement […]

overland route from gondar, ethiopia to kharthoum, sudan

internet hell in Ethiopia 1

The power here is only on every other day. One day on — one day off. The three internet cafes in the town that I’m at right now, Gondor, don’t have generators. When there is power, it sometimes will cut out, right in the middle of you doing something (like writing a blg) on the net and you’ve lost all your stuff.

more random notes on Ethiopia, including some odd pirated DVD’s 2

I love the rain. I have for as long as I can remember. It has always meant life to me. Water is such a crucial ingredient for all life, at least here on our planet, which is the only one I’m personally familiar with so far. Every time it rains, for some reason, the thought that life is soon to flourish goes through my mind.