Mariachi, Markets, and More in Xochimilco 3

When Xochimilco was first suggested as a day trip from my new home in Mexico City, I definitely wasn’t convinced. Ride a non-motorized boat down a canal while drinking tequila or beer? Sounds like a boozed-up version of Venice, and more than a little awkward. Tack that on to an hour’s cab ride outside […]

Go on Safari in…. Mexico? 5

North America probably isn’t the first continent you’d think of when choosing a potential safari location. In fact, Africa is probably the only continent I would think of when I hear the word “safari”. But the small town of Puebla, Mexico, offers a spectacular safari experience without the expensive overseas […]

Mexico City and the Oddities of Names 1

Most Latin American cities have a variety of streets named after important dates (assumably) in that country’s history. The Centro Historico district of Mexico City is no different: 5 de Mayo (even I got the significance of that one – though I still associate it more with a Corona commercial than its true meaning) and 16 de Semtiebre roads

Mexican/Guatemalan border crossing 5

Border crossings make me nervous. Although I’m not doing anything wrong or carrying anything illegal, I feel trepidation as I approach every single one of them. Even when I traveled to Europe, I felt the same things as I got off the plane, got my luggage and went to the customs area to cross into whatever country where I was arriving.