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Damascus Souk (Al-Hamidiyah Souq) in Photographs, The Spices 17

Quick preface: I am currently in Europe on the crazy Ultimate Train Challenge, but scheduled up a few non-train posts before I left on it, in case I was short of internet. So enjoy this post and others, but…. come over to the train challenge site also and root us […]

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Domaine des Tourelles: Lebanon does Wine?? Why yes it does – and quite well. 30

As a wine lover, I try to take every opportunity to try local wines anywhere I travel. I bicycled around some wine districts in New Zealand sampling some of their excellent wines. I partook in Chile and Argentina. I ran through Europe quickly… just to avoid getting bogged down for […]

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The Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon — an Amazing Place 47

Before I headed to the Middle East, I tweeted that I was going during a few of the travel talk conversations I have there during the week. In typical Twitter-blogger fashion, someone replied immediately with an unsolicited offer of assistance. I’ve never met Charles Yap, otherwise known as @HotelPRGuy, but […]

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