no occupying while stabling sign on china train

Little Oddities in China on #UTC11 21

  One of the things that I love about China is the slightly off English that you see in signs and hear from people. “Clinglish” or “Changlish” or whatever one calls it (similar to Spanglish, which was supposedly an actually good Adam Sandler movie, though I’ll never know), China was […]

Middlin’ to Average Moments in 2010 20

In all the hullabaloo about everyone’s best things of the year, I think we lose focus on what is truly important. The best things are great, but by definition they are rare and almost unattainable. Well, apparently they aren’t that unattainable, since everyone has ten of them in a variety of categories at this time of year, but you get the point. Focusing on only the things at the top is quite unfair to the bulk of life, the average.

Glimpses of Memory 10

I was watching some kid kick a soccer ball on a cobblestone street and thought to myself that I had the exact same moment. Some kids were playing soccer in an alleyway. I took out my camera and started taking pictures. One of the kids, the extrovert, then got the soccer ball and started posing for me. Kicking the ball up the air and throwing his hands up.

25 Things about Me 8

Until my recent sailboat trip (promise the blog is coming), the last time I threw up was 23 years ago. Freshman year in college. Tequila. Still can’t drink it to this day — actually can’t even smell it — the smell makes me wretch. Oddly, can’t drink Scotch either, because to my nose, it smells too much like tequila.