Dolphin Video – San Blas Islands, Panama 2

Who doesn’t love dolphins? Seriously, there is something about them (and whales) that makes everyone happy. These dolphins followed our sailboat for about an hour in the San Blas Islands in Panama. It was amazing. They’d swim in the wake of our boat for a few seconds and then dart ahead full speed in front of the boat…. then circle back around and do it again and again.

Casinos in Latin America 2

Both nights he did exactly the same thing — bought in for $500 (pretty high for this particular game, most people bought in for $200-300). He then quickly made a series of higher and higher bluff bets shortly after sitting down and usually lost the hands. Both nights he lost his $500 inside of one hour. That’s the kind of guy you want at your table. I usually refer to that type of player as “an ATM.” Mmmmmmmmm. Tasty.

South American Coffee, Cigars, Money and More 3

Generally, I’ve been pretty depressed by the state of coffee in South America. It is strange to me that there are excellent coffee growing regions all around – Brazil and Columbia in particular – but they still serve crap, instant coffee in so many places. When I took a coffee plantation tour in Panama, the tour guide referred to the low quality coffee beans drying on the ground (with stems, leaves and so on mixed in with them) as “Nescafe beans.”

Short (not) thoughts on a good dinner (Panama City) 2

I am writing this in a hostel in the old district in town. A place called Luna’s Castle, which is a great, large hostel full of lots of very friendly travelers, all much younger than me. As I write this, I am looking at a map of the world that is covering one of the walls in one of the community rooms on the main floor. I realize, looking at this map, that I have finally made it as east as Orlando. By the way – the map has lines on it for various sea-crossings: it is either 3,591 miles or kilometers from Buenos Aires to Capetown. That is a pretty good sea-crossing coming up.