South America

A walk through La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires 3

As I entered the gates of La Recoleta Cemetery, it was as if I was walking through a smaller city within central Buenos Aires. I realized immediately that this is not your average cemetery, at least not one that I’d ever visited. Who visits cemeteries as tourist attractions, anyway? I […]

A walk through La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

The best activities in the Galapagos Islands 15

Last year when I was visiting Ecuador, I spent a week in the Galapagos Islands. Known for being an archipelago full of exotic animals such as sea lions, giant turtles, marine and land iguanas, blue footed boobies, penguins, frigate birds, and hammerhead sharks, just to name a few, the Galapagos can’t […]

5 ways South America has changed how I travel 20

South America is a complicated continent. Filled to the brim with mountains, markets, roast guinea pigs and shoddy internet connections, a lot of travelers find themselves a little overwhelmed when they first arrive. But after a year of traveling through South America, I don’t have any intention of leaving the […]

Mexico City and the Oddities of Names 1

Most Latin American cities have a variety of streets named after important dates (assumably) in that country’s history. The Centro Historico district of Mexico City is no different: 5 de Mayo (even I got the significance of that one – though I still associate it more with a Corona commercial than its true meaning) and 16 de Semtiebre roads