Greatest Adrenaline-Filled Overland Sports in Nevada 2

With an economy once based on mining, Nevada now draws much of its income from entertainment and tourism. The state has the most hotel rooms per capita in the US, which testifies both to its popularity with visitors and the low population density that contributes to Nevada’s unspoiled natural beauty. […]

What to pack for the Lake District 1

Known for it’s glistening lakes, panoramic views, and hiking trails of all difficulty levels, the Lake District in England is a popular destination for residents of the UK and travelers from around the world. Calling the weather in England unpredictable barely begins to describe the sudden changes that can occur […]

America, F*%@ ‘Ya!! Hitting the Jackpot in the Ultimate Train Challenge Scavenger Hunt 32

There are two parts of the Ultimate Train Challenge and although all three of us, me, Nora and Jeannie, aren’t being ultra competitive about any of this… I do know we all want some form of bragging rights at the end of it all. Given that we have a different […]

michael hodson in uncle sam outfit

Heard (and seen) at the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tourny 6

I randomly stumbled — random good stumbling has been a hallmark of my trip — into an unexpected pleasure last weekend in Wellington, New Zealand. It was the weekend of the annual Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament. During the trip, I’ve had the chance to watch some rugby on television with […]