The Clever Alternative Chauffeur Service From The Airport 7   Recently updated !

Anyone who travels internationally regularly will have found themselves on a bus or coach heading for the city center in their destination at some point in their travels, or in the back of a cab. The choice to take public transport or a local taxi is one that is usually […]

Mariachi, Markets, and More in Xochimilco 3

When Xochimilco was first suggested as a day trip from my new home in Mexico City, I definitely wasn’t convinced. Ride a non-motorized boat down a canal while drinking tequila or beer? Sounds like a boozed-up version of Venice, and more than a little awkward. Tack that on to an hour’s cab ride outside […]

Via Real Russia — The Ultimate Train Challenge does the Trans-Manchurian 27

There are so many reasons that I am excited about the upcoming Ultimate Train Challenge — and by upcoming, it is now officially only 20 days away! First on my reasons for excitement are the three other fabulous travel bloggers that I get to work with on this whole effort, […]

Trans-Siberian railroad map, russian train route map