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New Travel Plans (Cargo Freighter Travel) 4

I had made reservations on a cargo freighter leaving Singapore to Perth, Australia on December 12th, which would get me in around December 21st. It shocks me that there is so little traffic between Southeast Asia and Australia, at least in terms of ships that will take passengers. That ship was the only freighter going between the busiest port in the world, Singapore, and a well-developed, first world economy, Australia, for a period of about three months. Fortunately, I reserved my space on it about a month ago and I was ready and set to go.

Very Brief Update from Norway and Russia 3

Tonight a 72 hour train to Irkutsk. Funny thing about all Russian trains: the schedules are all printed on Moscow time. I’ll actually be going over five time zones to the east, but my ticket said I arrived around 11:30 p.m. Whoops. That’s actually 4:30 a.m. local time. Will be interesting to find a hostel at that time of the day, especially because Irkutsk is not a big tourist town with tons of options.

Speed and Travel: An Overland Traveler Explains 4

It is a pretty common question, though not often phrased from others nearly as well. Some of the other common variants. . . “You are going to fast – you won’t get to actually know anything about a place.” Note that is isn’t phrased nicely as a question (thank you again Jodi), but a statement. It is fact. My trip is wrong. They are right. I am an idiot.

travel times update — RTW overland 3

to continue with my random facts about the trip, I’ve tried to compile some of the transportation facts on the trip. I’m keeping a lot better log of this now, but some of the Central America numbers may be slightly off — I didn’t think about keeping track back there. I tried to reconstruct them with my guidebook last night. Here goes, so fa

New Route Update 2

My original plan before I started the trip was to go down Central America and the west side of South America, to about the middle of Chile, over to Argentina and then try to catch a freighter to South Africa and then go up the east side of Africa, though the Middle East, then to SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand and then the long boat home.